Time for Thein Sein to Prove the Skeptics Wrong
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Monday, October 25, 2021

Time for Thein Sein to Prove the Skeptics Wrong

By THE IRRAWADDY Friday, November 18, 2011

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He and his colleagues have been handed the legitimacy they craved, and now they must behave like a legitimate government and take the actions necessary to raise the political and human rights environment to a level expected of responsible partners in the world community.

We know that change in Burma can sometimes occur in a frustratingly slow and gradual manner, and we are not expecting a perfectly reformed Burma to instantly appear. Nevertheless, President Thein Sein must now prove the skeptics wrong and demonstrate clearly, by instituting major reforms as soon as possible, that what has happened up until now was not just window dressing, but rather the beginning of a true path towards democracy and the respect for human rights in Burma.

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WM Wrote:
“Change” is not a simple thing. It is easier said than done. We need to give President U Thein Sein and others benefit of doubts, even if we have some suspicion.

If you are in Myanmar, we will notice a lot of changes you would not believe that could happen one year ago. People would not imagine Election Law would be revised so that NLD could compete. Hard to foresee one would think NLD would register and compete. I didn’t see local media would cover Daw Su a lot, and her pictures in every local printed media. Halting Myitsone dam is not a joke. These are some examples.

Yes, there are many more things to do- ethnic issues, political prisoners, human right abuses, rule of law etc. The government and all stakeholders need to make more changes.

But let’s not look from “half glass empty perspective” all the time.

kerry Wrote:
Thein Sein, part of a horrendous military legacy reviled by the world, has a real chance to get it right.

So far he hasn't. So far the military are still madly stashing the assets from murder into Singapore banks, while ASEAN rewards them for non-existent 'change', and while the 'new' government does not allow post-torture 'criminals' like the comedian Zarganar to work in their own country.

As for its military run 'Human Rights Commission'... they may just as well create another fake office in Beijing, run by Hu and Wen!

Get real, Burma's 'military in new clothes'. Do you think the world cannot see? Dialogue with The Lady: she sees your potential (and compassionately your potential freedom) more than most.

Moe Aung Wrote:
Skeptics would surely love to be proven wrong. Preferably irreversibly.

Zaw Htay used the term cancellation, not suspension, regarding the Myitsone dam, bigging it up and bigging his govt up. From that great launch pad, it's the green light from the US they've been waiting for, only still playing hard to get. Thant Myint-U's sales spiel for Burma's new role in Asia has probably gone to their head.

Sanctions didn't work then? So how did we get here, one wonders. It's been pressure all along that prodded the generals slowly but surely. Now they themselves reckon the time is ripe to ditch China, or at least kiss and make up with the West.

Snowfly Wrote:
Good well-balanced editorial. Although the USDP have seemingly taken positive steps towards true democracy, it is far too early to consider all being well in Burma and the Western media needs to avoid being naive in its commentary. The real test will come in 2015 after the ASEAN chair has gone. If Daw Aung San Suu Kyi becomes head of state we will know that democracy has finally been achieved as this is the will of the people. If not, we will know that the Generals are up to their old tricks. After '88 the regime went to great lengths to tidy up its image, but we all know what happened in 1990. Foreign businessmen who crave access to Burmese markets and resources need to keep this in mind before the give the Generals billions. I pray history doesn't repeat itself.

Zaw Min Wrote:
Dear President U Thein Sein,

I don't support you or your party in the pass but now I'm supporting you for the play back of the ball, however feeble, to start the game going. Please play back with force and pride now to be in the game strongly. I'll be cheering you. Please don't think that a cheering from a nothing like me is useless. You will hear thunderous cheers and supports from all corners of the country as well as the world. Please be strong and do what is right for the people and country. You'll earn yourself a rightful place of respect in the history of our country.

Ohn Wrote:
Whatever is the reason, whatever is happening, STOP the violence. Stop killing, raping and burning down the people and property.

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