Staff Positions

From time to time The Irrawaddy has staff vacancies, or seeks new staff for special media projects, in the areas of editorial, technical production and media development.

Announcements for new positions and projects at The Irrawaddy will appear here.

The Irrawaddy is interested in developing links with contributors, journalists, editors, photographers, and media marketing experts, for both freelance and permanent work in the future.

We value staff who are highly motivated, have a strong commitment to press freedom and democratic values, have experience, knowledge or interest in Burma and the media industry, and have English, Burmese, or Thai literacy.

We especially encourage women and men from Burma, including those from ethnic states in Burma or those working in exile, to contact us for possible work opportunities.

Please email your details, including CV, work experience and areas of interest to our Human Resources Department and we will be pleased to follow up with you in the future.

Multi Media Footage

The Irrawaddy is interested in purchasing media products such as photographic and video footage from inside Burma and the region for use in our publications. Please refer to the Irrawaddy Contributor Rates and contact us to discuss opportunities.

Media Internship and Exchange Positions

The Irrawaddy Internship and Exchange program, offers an opportunity for men and women from Burma, to develop skills and experience in journalism and the media industry.  The program aims to build a high standard of professional journalism and independent media skills amongst people from Burma, so that they might help to restore a free, responsible and independent press in the country in the future. 

The Irrawaddy supports a maximum of 12 candidates annually for three month placements at The Irrawaddy offices in Chiang Mai.

The Intern Program - offers an internship opportunity for Burmese journalists from Burma or Thailand, to spend 3 months working with the Irrawaddy in the news office in Chiang Mai.

The Exchange Program - targets Burmese participants from Burma or within Thailand, who are not journalists, but have an interest in the media industry. This could include bloggers, citizen reporters, photographers, students, or media technicians. Participants join the exchange program which lasts from 1-3 months, at The Irrawaddy office in Chiang Mai.

Candidates in the Intern and Exchange program will gain practical experience of media operations, knowledge of modern media technology, and learn about free, independent media. Where possible, candidates will join field trips and agency visits to expand their networks and experience.

Candidates will receive a monthly allowance to cover daily living expenses, accommodation and local transport. The Irrawaddy is able to assist candidates to find accommodation and transport to reach Chiang Mai in some circumstances.

After completion of the program candidates may be offered employment opportunities with The Irrawaddy depending on outcomes and circumstances, however this is not guaranteed.

Selection Criteria

Intern program

The selection criteria for the Intern program include those who:

  • Are of Burmese or Ethnic Burmese nationality origin
  • Live either in Burma or in Thailand
  • Have skills and experience as a journalist or have worked in the media industry
  • Have a commitment to independent media and press freedom

Exchange Program

The selection criteria for the Exchange program include those who:

  • Are of Burmese or Ethnic Burmese nationality origin
  • Live either in Burma or in Thailand
  • Have an interest in media
  • Have a desire to become a journalist or work in the media industry in the future

Application Procedure

If you are interested in joining the Intern and Exchange program please email or phone the Irrawaddy. We will need to know the following information:

  • Name and nationality
  • Experience or interest in the media industry
  • Literacy level in English/Burmese: ie: can you read and write in both or either language?
  • A short paragraph stating why you wish to join the program (maximum 150 words)
  • Your CV in English with contact details of 2 referees.

Once we receive your application, a panel of senior editors and managers from The Irrawaddy newsroom will consider your information, skill set and the current capacity in the news room – and will the contact you to let you know if you have been successful in your application.

Thank you.
The Irrawaddy

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