Letters to the Editor — November, 2010
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Letters to the Editor — November, 2010

By THE IRRAWADDY Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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It’s a pity he's getting on too much to lead.

Pe Nyun

Love Thy Rohingya Neighbor

Regarding the article, “Unwanted: Dead or Alive” [February 10, 2009;
URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15082]:

It is a shame to have these innocent human beings labeled as Rohingyas and not as victims of political repression and religious discrimination. If only they were of a different religious denomination the corrupted regimes of these two countries would have a different outlook on this human tragedy. And as far as the UN Refugee networks are concerned, it is a geographical issue that needs to be solved by Burma and Thailand. The fair solution will be for Burma to accept the Rohingyas as their citizens as they were considered in the past when one of their leaders held a cabinet level position in Burma. Stop this political game of human chess playing and do what is preached by every religion and be kind to your neighbor.

Ariff Cassim

Asylum for Rohingya Boatpeople

Regarding the article, “Unwanted: Dead or Alive” [February 10, 2009;
URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15082]:

I feel very much pain to see the Rohingya boatpeople. They will surely be killed if deported to Myanmar [Burma]. Please accept their asylum request. An earnest request.

Than Aung

Hitting the Nail on the Head

Regarding the article, “Surviving on a Little Hope and 33 US Cents a Day” [February 6, 2009; URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15076]:

Congratulations. The article seems to hit the nail on the head.

Ba Thann Win

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rohingya Denial

Regarding the article, “Jolie Makes Goodwill Visit to Thai Refugee Camp” [February 6, 2009; URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15074]:

There are no such people, much less an ethnic entity, as Rohingya in Burma. They originated from neighboring Bangladesh. Arakan State in Burma was inhabited by the ethnic Arakan since before the Burmese established their kingdom at Pagan in 1044, and founded today's Burma. The Arakan people have at least a millennium-long history of existence until today as an ethnic group in Burma. As their population was small and close to India, they have a lot of communication with the people—Indians and Bangladeshis—on the other side of the borders. When Bangladesh was established, not so long ago, people from Bangladesh encroached on Arakan soil and lived in Arakan territory, due to the country's much undeveloped and poor state. They made their way into Arakan where there are vast areas of land on which they could at least eke out a living as the Arakanese could not wholly make their vast territory worthwhile for themselves, even due to the incompetent rule of the Burmese military from 1962 until today. Decades passed and the Bangladesh population grew alarmingly (having at least four wives to call one's own). Then after many decades, the Bangladeshi migrants make their presence known and started calling the land of the Arakanese their own and Burma their country. This is true and undeniable and everyone in Burma knows it.

George Than Setkyar Heine

Under China’s Protection

Regarding the cartoon, “You Can Talk Till You Drop ...” [February 6, 2009;
URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15070]:

The West and the UN can't leverage anything as long as the regional power China is protecting the junta.


Daily Rations

Regarding the article, “Surviving on a Little Hope and 4 US Cents a Day” [February 6, 2009; URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15076]:

It's still not much to live on per day, but 12 baht is closer to 30 US cents, not 4 cents. When my wife was growing up in northern Thailand, a Thai person could live on 12 baht per day for food, as she did regularly. I surely feel for these people. Even the poorest people in America don't have to suffer these kinds of conditions.

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