Letters to the Editor — November, 2010
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Letters to the Editor — November, 2010

By THE IRRAWADDY Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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He is still sitting with the spirit of the 1942 massacre where hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas were murdered by his group. Although he is a senior member in the CRPP, his mentality is still same as Aye Chan and Aye Kyaw. It is very sad that after many years working in the CRPP, he is still the same as before. What is the difference between him and the SPDC? Aye Tha Aung, you want human rights for yourself, but at the same time your heart is full of hatred for other people. The whole world is showing their sympathy toward the unfortunate Rohingya boat people, but you and your friends and the SPDC are still in a state of denial. Remember, sooner or later, only truth will prevail.

Sayed Hussein

Rakhine Politicians and the Rohingya

Regarding the article, "Rohingya Face More Hardships at Home, Abroad" [February 2, 2009; URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15046]:

I am not surprised about the Rakhine politician U Aye Tha Aung's statement that the Rohingya are not among the ethnic groups in Burma. He is one of those Rakhine politicians who are instrumental to the Rohingya extermination policy of the SPDC and the suffering of the Rohingya. I would ask him if he knows his colleague, U Kyaw Min, who is a Rohingya member of the CRPP. Not only Rohingya, there are also hundreds of Rakhine from Arakan taking refuge in Bangladesh. His remark "How could they claim that they came from Burma, when in fact they come from Bangladesh?" is ridiculous. It seems that they are more interested in "Rohingya extermination" than the practice of democratic values and human rights for everyone in Burma.

Nurul Islam

Rohingyas Breeding to Colonize Burma

Regarding the article, "Rohingya Face More Hardships at Home, Abroad" [February 2, 2009; URL: http://www2.irrawaddy.com/article.php?art_id=15046]:

Two million Burmese migrants could not get citizenship in Thailand. So, why should the Chittagonian migrants receive citizenship in Burma? These Chittagonians increased their population exponentially with the practice of four wives per man over the last couple of decades. Within 50 years, the whole of Burma will be full of those Rohingya if their population, intrusion and colonization of Burma is not stopped. Most of them are poor and so are most Burmese. They might die in the sea along with the outcry of international communities. Lots of Burmese die in the sea in the fishing boats of Thais as well, but without any international outcry. Bad luck will fall upon Burma when these Chittagonians occupy the whole of Burma, and they will proceed to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and even Vietnam. This was the Muslims’ demographic colonization. True or not? Consult a historian.


Ridiculous Referendum

The New Light of Myanmar repeatedly says the referendum is the decision of the majority; It would be beautiful if it were really true? The New Light of Myanmar is a junta mouthpiece. No newspaper in Burma is allowed to exist if they do not side with the generals. Information is not free; it is rudely biased. This alone is a human rights violation. As a matter of fact, the New Light of Myanmar editor has to publish what the junta says. The newspaper press is full of military cronies writings articles to deliberately confuse the people and deceive the people with falsehoods—things that are not true and to discredit the opposition and belittle them. The newspaper is designed and written to brainwash the simple people who are not abreast with current happenings. The New Light of Myanmar says the referendum is the decision of the majority. This is bullshit. This is totally false. It is not the will of the people. The junta blames the NLD and everyone else for its failures and disastrous performance. The performance of the junta during the recent cyclone is an outstanding example. The country is not stable; never will be whilst the people are unhappy and forced and pushed and shoved into doing it their way or else. The generals talk of democracy without understanding the true meaning of the word. The delegates of the national convention were not a true representative of the people. Those who will say “yes” to the generals were hand-picked by them. The decisions made in the convention were undemocratic. The delegates were bulldozed into accepting whatever the generals put before them. The majority of people did not accept the outcome of the convention simply because it was unfair. The generals had the obligation to explain to the people the pros and cons of the convention; they avoided that and imposed an information blackout.

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