Burmese Exiled Media Tests Govt's Reform Promises
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Monday, October 25, 2021

Burmese Exiled Media Tests Govt's Reform Promises

By TODD PITMAN / AP WRITER Monday, March 26, 2012

DVB chief Aye Chan Naing seen upon his arrival at Rangoon airport last month. (Photo: DVB)
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During a 2007 uprising led by saffron-robed monks, its reporters were crucial in getting news out to the rest of the world. Some 17 of them were arrested, but all were released in January.

During his own trip back, Aye Chan met with government officials to request that his journalists be officially accredited. There were no definitive answers, but he said the meetings were positive.

“They want to discuss. They want to talk,” he said of the government. “And we have more to gain than to lose by doing that.”

Both Aung Zaw and Aye Chan both said they would like to move back to Myanmar one day, but the time is not yet right.

“Much more remains to be done,” Aung Zaw said. “We will return to Burma when there is real security. When we can go back and have a dignified return.”

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Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Mg Bama Wrote: 26/03/2012

"It is what he saw. Did he go anywhere else??? Has he ever been to the countryside, war zone and other ethnic village??? I don't think so. The Bama Government is just giving a relax. Don't think it is true man!!!!You need to bribe if you want to stay a little long." SO WRITES THIS HOLIER-THAN-THOU ignorant Bamar, without any understanding of history. English imperialism and divide-and-rule OK for you?
Clement Attlee must be laughing in the grave.
Such is the stupidity of ignorant Bamars, knowing nothing about how political parties are born.
What are the origins of political parties of Western democracies? Just to train your two-cell brain, think about it.

Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
The exile dissident should rerun honourably, not like a beggar. Thei Seun call to return is not proper, no security, the goernbment should make a law passed by parliament fro the dissidents to return otherwaise where is the safety.

Than Lwin Wrote:
You guys are highly capable Burmese guys, who we are proud of having as a product of our great 8888 Uprising. You guys are priceless assets for Burma and Burmese people by being remaining as exiles and continue doing what you are doing right now. We don’t what to lose you. Just wait & see at least until 2015, when Daw Suu takes over the reign of Burma. Don’t go back yet. (My Comment 6 of 6)

Than Lwin Wrote:
They will become the leaders of this same army in future and vicious circle continues. We see no end in sight unless someone can break that circle. (I hope Daw Suu can do it this time around for our people before she leaves the world)
We hear time and again the news of military coups and military juntas formed in neighbouring countries like, Pakistan, Bangladesh, most frequently in our next-door neighbour, Thailand and most recently in Maldives. But the situations there are totally different from us. Many of military leaders there are graduates of West Point and Sandhurst. They were trained in democratic system and they know exactly how international relations and democratic institutions work. Not big deal for the people whether these is military coup of not. (My Comment 5 of 6)

Than Lwin Wrote:
What is unique to our problems is having a reclusive fascist army, which is so paranoid that it has refused and still keeps on refusing to have dealings of any kind with any foreign country (not even communist countries like China and former USSR, let alone democracies) apart from buying arms to repress its own people. They have totally no outside exposure at all. They are in their own world. Young Burmese boys, who graduated from DSA after merely 3 years of training, a few hours of Spartan education, most of the time enduring cruelty, torture, hunger and isolation in their daily training regimen and going through severe fascist military doctrines, are no better than graduates of Osama’s Al Qaeda terrorist training camps. The education and knowledge they acquired there are not much better than that of suicide bombers of Osama’s organization. (My Comment 4 of 6)

Than Lwin Wrote:
We also have to understand that recent changes are also clearly not active changes from their part but passive changes. They are forced to change. The advance of internet media, relentless scrutiny and exposure of their crimes and atrocities they committed by dedicated, brave and selfless exile media organizations (which you two guys are very part of it), sheer resilience and determination shown by NLD inside Burma under the leadership of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other dissidents in the face of decades of extreme cruelty and persecution and the fear that they are nearing the point of no return in their mission digging of the hole, their own graveyard, leave them with no choice but to change. Even then, they want to do it in in their own terms. Recent development clearly showed that. (My Comment 3 of 5)

Than Lwin Wrote:
There is a clear and present danger there. It is the very Burmese Army, the fascist army, the only functional (functional in the sense of ability to bring about further destruction and misery to its people) institution left in Burma after decades of systematically destroying civilian institutions of any kind. This institution does not understand the term “civilised or negotiated settlement” to problems. They do not know the best solutions to problems are achieved through debates and deliberations. (I wish U Thein Sein & U Shwe Mann can prove me wrong). (My Comment 2 of 5)

Than Lwin Wrote:
Not yet, Ko Aung Zaw & Ko Aye Chan Naing, not yet. Almost all wise men of the world have already analysed the developments and made remarks that whatever good signs that has appeared in our land during the past a few months could easily be reversed. The moment that happens (the moment another mad man takes charge again and builds another capital city yet again) and you guys happen to be there, I do not want to see you guys become another U-Win-Tins and breaking his record “the world’s longest-serving prisoner journalist”. (My Comment 1 of 5)

Mg Bama Wrote:
It is what he saw. Did he go anywhere else??? Has he ever been to the countryside, war zone and other ethnic village??? I don't think so. The Bama Government is just giving a relax. Don't think it is true man!!!!You need to bribe if you want to stay a little long.

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