Govt Sincerity Key to Civil War Endgame
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Govt Sincerity Key to Civil War Endgame

By SAW YAN NAING / THE IRRAWADDY Saturday, March 24, 2012

KNLA soldiers march to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of Karen Revolution Day at Oo Kray Kee Township in Karen State in January. (Photo: Reuters)
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They signed a ceasefire agreement once, but it now breaks down again.”

In 2004, the KNU also reached an oral ceasefire agreement with the government, but this soon dissolved as government troops launched major offensives against the KNLA which forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes.

Burma’s pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi recently said during a campaign speech broadcast on state-run MRTV that doubts and disagreements between the Burmese government and ethnic minorities have existed since Burma achieved independence in 1947, and the Burmese government has been using military means to solve ethnic conflicts since then.

“We have to work on a real federal union that grants equality, rights and self-determination to ethnic minority groups based on the spirit of the Panglong Agreement,” said Suu Kyi.

“We can only develop our country when the civil war comes to an end. I totally believe that our ethnic minorities don’t want to separate from the nation and want a real democratic federal nation.”

Ethnic leaders, including of political heavyweights the KNU and KIO, said that the sincerity of the Burmese government is key to rebuilding trust with armed rebel groups.

Phu Hoe, a 60-year-old KNLA fighter at a frontline outpost in northern Karen state, said, “[The Burmese government] cheat us always. While they were holding peace talks with the KNU, they prepared for military activities by increasing their troops. When they got ready, they launched attacks against us. It has happened repeatedly in the past.

“Everything depends on the Burmese government’s sincerity to build peace with ethnic minorities,” he added.

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Thura Zaw Hein Wrote:
Contd – No doubt I am a Bamar. We all were brain washed. Soldiers in the service are more than brain washed. They enjoy doing those things, even love to boast others with pride – how many girls raped, how many men killed, how many methods of torture practiced, and so on.
We can understand how Thais hate Burmese; we should imagine the depth of abhorrence of our minorities against Bamar. Politicians should study and understand in depth and reveal the truth of how Bamars are viewed by the minorities.
Media is in the best position to perform the task to interview all the minorities and to inform their accurate views toward Bamars to the public, more to Bamar soldiers, to understand their inhumane acts and incorrect way of thinking. Media is the force to reveal the truth and to convey clear understanding on situations as well as to educate the general public about our fortune to have the natural diversities that we all should live and enjoy together.

Thura Zaw Hein Wrote:
When I was very young, we were always very happy to read about winning stories of Burmese army in the government newspapers – stories about killing Karen rebels who said to have bombed trains, shot at passenger buses, taxed people at gunpoint; winning stories about crushing Shan rebels who sabotaged power lines, trafficked narcotic, raping girls, etc.
After receiving a military training in the Burmese army, my mindset U-turned hearing stories told by both field soldiers and military intelligence – about their ruthless tactics – identify and encircle on the maps the areas for elimination of insurgency; arrest during march to the sites everyone found en route; get information by torturing them; don’t let them flee and inform the others; kill them if risk of escape exists; get the taste of girls and women in the areas; destroy access to food by torching crop sheds; accomplish occupation by burning villages – all to my complete surprise and difficult understanding if it was right. Contd -

Mg Bama Wrote:
Unless the Bama Military abandons its policy of Bama National Chauvinism(Maha Bama)talk peace is just a lie. So, who should rule the country? Every ethnic group has the rights to rule and develop own political, economic and social-cultural destiny.According to UN Convention, every human being born with freedom. Everybody have own self-determination. Why " the Bama Government" alone want to rule and dominate over ethnic people? If Bamans are more than 50% of the population in Burma, what are they doing? if they dare not to fight back " the " Bama Military government" like other ethnic group, we must say, they accept the National Chauvinism (Maha Bama).

Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
In the history of Burma, Bama chauvinism is always existance to destroy ethnic groups which is out of date in the 21st century of globlization. If Bama Tatmadaw loves their own peoples why not stop fighting instead of re-enforcing their troops in the thenic areas. Bama military always wants to show their might which is wrong to own citizens. PEACE is the only way to stop fighting, to create PEACE is required to have sincerity and honesty, so Tatmadaw must have this quality then only get PEACE in Burma.The only way to establish PEACE is under equal footing i.e.Federated Union of Burma.

Bill Gov Wrote:
When there is no advancement in peace and in Burma; and no genuine reform and sincere integrity to bring the country forward, how can reform be irreversible?

When there is not a genuine step forward, how can reform be irreversible?

When the media cannot forward its freedom of free speech, how can reform be irreversible?

When the rule of law cannot progress forward, how can reform be irreversible?

When corruption in the government is rampant and the judiciary cannot forward its independent judicial obligation and stamp out rogue corruption, how can reform be irreversible?

When the country cannot advance and progress forward with true democracy, how can reform be irreversible at all?

No genuine forward progress and advancement, no irreversibility!

Kyaw Wrote:
Fully support Saw Yan Naing, an addition, We need a true National Leader like Aung San Su Kyi. We do have a Qualified Doctor who can heal this cancerous disease of the Nation, the Doctor who is not granted license.
The autonomy must be granted. The ethnic armies must be formed the State Army under their own commanders and under the freely elected State Prime Minister. All troops which are not local must be withdrawn. This is the only solution. Reluctant to comply with it means endless bloodshed which will eventually destroy this Country. (Means to become vessel states of Thailand). The one who resit to comply with it is the one who destroy this country.

Nyi Nyi Wrote:
Why is Aung Thaung in charge of the government negotiation team? He is not in the government. It should be someone from the government. This clearly shows Than Shwe put him in this position so that he can report back to him directly. President Then Sein has not power to remove him from this position against Than Shwe's wish.

A.M.O Wrote:
The word 'Sincerity' had been no more valid in Burma ever since military regime took over power in 1962; these guys could be dubbed as thugs (ref. Colin Powell on Depayin massacre).

Chief negotiator Aung Thaung is a big thief(ref. Min of Ind-1) who is well blessed by his boss Sr Gen Than Shwe who is a well known thug (ref. Colin Powell).

Irrawaddy Fan Wrote:
You talks about the Burmese government sincerity, but how come you don't interview any of the Burmese government's officials about their perspective? It's good that we now know the perspective of KNU thanks to Irrawaddy, but there are always two side of the story so I believe it would be great if you guys could get the other perspective too. Thank you.

Ohn Wrote:
“We can only develop our country when the civil war comes to an end. "

One day soon, people might rightly get sick of these high school essays.

What is genuinely needed is to tell the army founded by daddy to pack and go right now so that the innocent public can lead their life in peace like they have done for centuries.

The most chauvinistic odious Burmese military mind set is NEVER going to change. They will keep killing their own people happily for centuries.

Ohn Wrote:
The most chauvinistic, most odious, most ruthless Burmese military mind set is NEVER going to change. They will keep killing and torturing their own people happily for centuries.

The only question is whether the so- called "Opposition" who has been busy heaping on praise after praise with resounding endorsement of the leader of this military pack, Thein Sein, can really denounce the coveted gains of pipes, ports, rails and trade enough not to collude with the military in killing and torturings to get them.

The way it is now, the military feels pretty secure in their belief that, but for these high school essays, the "opposition" are well with them in the search for Burmese Glory enough to support more killings and torturings to come .

CTH Wrote:
To the Chief of Staff of the Burmese Army. If you are a true Buddhist, stop the fighting with the minorities and please give PEACE a chance, have Metta on all human beings, remember nothing is permanent, you will have to leave this world one day also.

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