Community Groups Form Election Monitoring Network
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Community Groups Form Election Monitoring Network

By THE IRRAWADDY Friday, March 23, 2012

88 Generations leader Nin Ko Naing, center, explains the roll of the election monitoring network to the press conference on Friday. (Photo: 88 Students)

Three Burmese civil society groups have joined together to form a monitoring network for the April 1 by-elections.

The 88 Generation Students group, Generation Wave and New Burma Network are all involved with participants including journalists, politicians and activists who will scrutinize the upcoming ballot.

The network will observe the ballot and provide information on the different locations from the election eve until the polling stations close. They will then release their analysis after the event, according to a statement released on Friday.

Zaw Min, one of the leading members of the network, told The Irrawaddy that “we intend to form this network to fight for fairness, freedom and transparency. We want to find out what the standards of the election are compared to international standards.

“We don't intend to oppose any particular party but just to determine if the poll is free and fair based on a democratic system.”

The network boasts many individuals who participated in observing the 2010 general election. They have now been dispatched to the 48 different districts being contested, a press conference at the 88 Generation Students group headquarters in Rangoon's Thingangyun Township was told on Friday.

The Burmese government has invited the United States to send two election representatives and three journalists to observe the by-election. Naypyidaw has also asked other nations, including from Europe and 23 representatives from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, to witness the poll.

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Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
It is good start. Burmese community must have this kind of net work for the public and international mas media to provide free and fair informations on election under democratic system. Not necessary to criticize any particular party, just to get fairness and justice. The by election should have international standard within democracy.

Ohn Wrote:
This government is crap.

This parliament is crap. Because the constitution is crap.
To sanctify the absolute crap is the best effort after decades of struggle is a real tragedy.

Meanwhile, land owners are evicted. Girls are raped. Eyes are baronetted out of the sockets. Tongues are cut off. Daily.

Hopefully we will enjoy lots of video's of the pooling station monitoring.

U Maung Wrote:
Happy to see that the 88 Generation Students group are doing well for long over due unprotected people of Burma.

Moe Aung Wrote:
What a brilliant move! Public scrutiny and why not, if the newly democratic authorities acquiesce to it. This I'd love to see how it pans out. Definitely complimentary to ASSK/NLD's electoral efforts. Synergy is what we are seeing in progress.

Well done, our young leaders.

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