Can Burma Re-Open Asean Free Trade Talks with EU?
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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Can Burma Re-Open Asean Free Trade Talks with EU?

By WILLIAM BOOT / THE IRRAWADDY Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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The Asean way handed the bloc's rotating chairmanship to Burma in 2014 despite continued international concerns over the nation's widely condemned human rights record.

All the same, Asean's plan for a single, unified economic community by 2015 seems increasingly unlikely given the disparate development among member states and the lack of legal structures and cross-border administrative infrastructures. But Burma’s emergence from the suffocating stranglehold of military dictatorship will certainly help speed the process up, says Tay.

“Much, however, depends on whether sanctions put in place by the West for more than two decades are lifted,” he added.


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Ohn Wrote:
Bill Gov,

So right.

Thit Sar Wrote:
Myanmar today needs international communities with sincere intention to help Myanmar in its reforms for the benefit of its own people. Myanmar does not need another brother like China.

Bill Gov Wrote:
Burma has been abused extensively by the junta and taken advantage of profusely by China for years. Nothing has came out good for the country.

Its leaders had and have led the country into a pathetic and messy economic dismay with no sensible policies to lead it out of its doodrums and sowed perpetual corruptions for personal benefits.

Burma current government is not trained and has literally no knowledge of good and honest governance and civil service to take on any leading role for the region.

Its leaders need time to grow up and mature and be hand held by its brothers in Asean to spruce up its public service for its own and elevate the lives of the Burmese people before they can even think about taking on any leading role for the region and, what more, internationally.

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