Pacquiao Touts Bradley Fight
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Thursday, April 22, 2021


Pacquiao Touts Bradley Fight

By GREG BEACHAM / AP SPORT WRITER Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manny HYPERLINK ""Pacquiao, left, of the Philippines, uses a camera borrowed from a media member to photograph Timothy Bradley Jr. at a news conference on Feb. 21 in Las Vegas. (Photo: AP)
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Mayweather's camp denies Mayweather made such an offer, but the verbal sniping likely won't let up next week when Mayweather begins promoting his May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto.

Pacquiao is making a brief trip stateside before heading back to the Philippines. After stops in Las Vegas and Hollywood for promotional shoots, he's taking a Nike corporate jet to New York for more publicity—and hopefully a meeting with Jeremy Lin before the Knicks' next game Wednesday night.

"Jeremy Lin, I'm proud as an Asian," said Pacquiao, an avid basketball fan and player. "We're very proud of him. Keep up the good work."

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