Naga Ethnic Tribe Festival Dances with Disappointment
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Naga Ethnic Tribe Festival Dances with Disappointment

By ZIN MIN MAUNG / THE IRRAWADDY Friday, February 10, 2012

Naga tribesmen stand in line at their new year festival. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)
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They were also forced to plant Kyatsu (Jetropacarcus) trees in a ceremony organized by the Union Solidarity and Development Association.”

Carrying dry rations on their backs, Naga men and women from far away villages have to trek up and down the mountainous region to reach the festival. The event alternates between Lashe and Lahe towns each year, and some must spend four to five days reaching the hosting place.

“They have to shelter at houses and cook food by themselves as they wait to participate in their own annual festival,” explained a local man.

“The traditional festival is an important tourist attraction in Myanmar. However, the authorities do not provide any assistance to the ethnic people.”

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Ohn Wrote:
If one really value the human whoever they are, best thing them is to leave them very well alone as it has been for centuries.

No monkey circus like the idiotic fake village in Rangoon copying the Thai exploitation will do any good for anybody.

In truth nobody really care about the Naga anyway rather than as monkey circus.

Hava Wrote:
Absolutely disappointing to know that the Burmese government interrupt a unique ethnic culture. Naga has every right to celebrate their culture on their own schedule and expense.The so called provision of fund and material is nothing meant to Naga people rather goes to a certain people. Naga people don't receive any advantages of it but tiredness and disappointment. The so called Naga MPs have no right to speak out loud about it because they are the puppets of the USDP. Naga new year festival must be free from intervention.

Marty Myanmar Wrote:
A clear example of government officials not only hindering an culture event but also spoiling it for years to come.

It demonstrates the absolute lack of knowledge of what makes the world go around.

This festival if properly marketed could have be an tremendous advantage for the country.

The generals always talked about being afraid of losing one culture identity where in fact they are the ones who are tearing it apart.

If the constitution really included all the ethnic tribes, the Naga MP would have demanded that the government should look after every detail of the visiting tribe people as they are the true bearers of the unique cultures of our land.

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