Will the Golden Land Have a Silver Lining?
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Will the Golden Land Have a Silver Lining?

By COLIN HINSHELWOOD / THE IRRAWADDY Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Do you have any comment about that?

A: I just want to ask them—why boycott? Sector by sector, the boycott only affects the common people, not the government. When US sanctions force a factory to close, 99 percent of the workers are young ladies. So what can they do? They are from the villages. Uneducated. That's why they turn to prostitution.

Q: If foreign visitors cannot use ATMs and credit cards, what are they to do?

A: We had credit cards 10 years ago until the US sanctions. All transactions have to cross the American central bank [the Federal Reserve]. All that will change when the US sanctions are lifted.

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We win Wrote:
Be creative and innovative when dealing with problems that had been neglected for so many years in the hands of mismanagement. Overhaul the entire infrastructure.If you don't know,say so .Learn from successful tourism industries.If need be hire qualified people.Don't be shy to learn.When you have no rooms for single or couples you can accommodate them in " welcome family visitors homes with bed-breakfast facilities "All difficulties can be resolved if you set your mind on them.Be creative and innovative!!!

sparky371 Wrote:
i am an english guy with experience in the tourist trade both in the UK and Thailand.
I see Burma as a perfect place to open a small Guesthouse/western restaurant/bar ( and i am NOT talking girly bars here ) in a beach resort- i think this is the sort of small time investment that beach resorts could do with before the big Multi Nationals come trudling into town and destroy whole areas like what happened in Phi Phi in Thailand. My query is how practical is it for a one man band with limited capital ie not millions - to get set up in Burma within the next 12 months?

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