Informal Talks Yield No Ceasefire With Karen Rebels
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Friday, October 07, 2022


Informal Talks Yield No Ceasefire With Karen Rebels

By THE IRRAWADDY Friday, November 25, 2011

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This is our common goal, so that is why we encourage Thein Sein’s government to meet with all the ethnic groups together.

Q: Is it necessary that Aung San Suu Kyi get involved in the government’s
peace process with the ethnic armed groups?

A: I think it is good for her to get involved as she is one of the dialogue partners and we all agree that tripartite dialogue which is all inclusive is the best way for all of us, so it is important that Aung San Suu Kyi participates in this process.

Q: What is the KNU’s current position on peace talks with the government? What
kind of peace talks do the KNU want?

A: The KNU is committed to a genuine ceasefire, but to succeed we have to proceed with caution and we want to be recognized as equal partners in this dialogue and end up with a political agreement and settlement that will bring genuine peace and stability to Burma.

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Wunpawng Wrote:
President Thein Sein said ethnics have different demands, so the government is unable to fulfill. This word has been used as excuse for a half century. So now ethnic groups come up with a new idea UNFC alliance to speak one voice. The lier Thein Sein now said the government doesn't want to talk with the UNFC. So what is the point? Big lier government, always simply try to distort the real fact and avoid meaningful dialogue for political solution. Thein Sein lier!

Ohn Wrote:
The Burmese regards each "Peace Negotiation" as a business deal.

Business people will give in.

Equal right? Respect? Never.

chindits Wrote:
Isn't that what UNFC is for? to speak in one voice with unison so that they don't say things like that. This government is a joke. Just trying to protect their wealth.

Norman Hla Wrote:
Q: Burma’s President Thein Sein told Burmese journalists in Bali this month
that it is hard to meet with all ethnic armed groups together at the same time because they have different demands. What is your response to that?My comment-I do not believe Than sein's words as he tries to twist the real facts. Whatever it is , all ethnics must be united OR you will be cheated by Than shwe's bama-nization.Signing or without signing Panglong does not mean all ethnics are belonged to Bama(General AS)in history.

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