Letters to the Editor — November, 2011
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Letters to the Editor — November, 2011

By THE IRRAWADDY Thursday, November 17, 2011

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This attack on myself was followed on Tuesday by an article in Asia Times online, personally criticising the Burma scholar David Steinberg. These two articles represent an ugly (although not entirely new) development. Exiled political activists and their supporters are denigrating independent researchers who dare to challenge orthodox views and long-held assumptions regarding the political situation in Burma. Given the dynamic and fast-changing situation in the country, it is important that a wide range of views are expressed and discussed. Of course, a vibrant debate between different viewpoints is necessary, and indeed healthy. However, I would like to make a plea that commentators focus on substantial issues, rather than descending into personal insults.

Sincerely, Ashley South

Saturday, June 28, 2011

Subject: Request for the correction regarding PARKROYAL Yangon from online article on 14th June 2011 “ As Dollar Falls, FECs Plummet”.

To The Editor

I as Marketing & Communications Manager of PARKROYAL Yangon here by confirm that PARKROYAL Yangon is still accepting both FEC and USD. We have never announced that we stop accepting FEC.

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Thursday, November 30, 2010

ProPublica Doco—A Hatchet Job

Dear Editor,

Regarding recent articles concerning North Korean nuclear technology, Burma's alleged nuclear program and the recent ProPublica documentary dismissing as “inconclusive” the views expressed by DVB and Dr. Robert E. Kelley.

Related articles:Nuclear Confusion”; "Nuclear Matter"; I was interviewed for the ProPublica documentary as well. They didn't use
any of the footage, but they did show an image of my first article about
the SPDC's nuclear program, from 2006.

I believe the reason they didn't use my footage is that they changed the
story, from a detailed investigation of the available intelligence about
the program, to a systematic attempt to discredit Bob Kelley and Sai Thein
Win. I suspect this was done for a number reasons. They didn't want to
publish Dictator Watch's claims, even our hard documentation - the Russia
student lists and the Kyaukkyi map and layout, because I was not willing
to reveal my sources. Similarly, they didn't use their own sources. The
only source they used was Sai Thein Win, because he was identified and on

Another part is that it was easier. It would have been tricky to
consolidate Sai Thein Win's intelligence, Dictator Watch's, and the info
from their own sources. So, Pulitzer winning history or not, ProPublica
did what many journalists do. They opted for something that was more
straightforward, even if it was both superficial and misleading.

Finally, PBS is big American media. The documentary featured Hillary
Clinton, Jim Webb, and others. They couldn't have used them if they
concentrated on a detailed investigation of the SPDC's program - there
wouldn't have been enough time. So, the story changed…

The ProPublica journalist even took the CIA at its word. The hypocrisy is
breathtaking. They criticized NED (DVB's funder) for supposedly being a
CIA successor, while giving credence to the Agency's Burma claim that the
program is not for weapons (no actual source at the Agency is named, by
the way), not to mention that it was U.S. intel which lied for President
Bush. If the CIA is so convinced that the SPDC does not have a nuclear
weapons program, why did the U.S.

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