The Conqueror of Kings
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The Conqueror of Kings

By THE IRRAWADDY Thursday, October 13, 2011

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We have chosen nonviolent means by which people of all walks of life can participate. A government alone cannot shape a country’s future. The consent of all citizens is the most important prerequisite for governing.

Q: How can the Burmese people participate in politics under the current military regime, and what role is your group playing to establish democracy?

A: Our efforts, such as the signature campaign, white campaign and the open heart campaign, have given the people access to political actions. After we [the group leaders] were released from detention, we stood together and chose a path that the people could follow. They are so oppressed and weak that we have had to be patient in organizing them for political action. While we have chosen nonviolent means, we have encountered various kinds of oppression from the authorities.

It is difficult for us to work under these conditions.

Even though we are ready to serve the cause of democracy both physically and mentally, we have to consider the circumstances of many people in Burma and move forward only when they are prepared to follow. Our future campaigns aim to be more effective and broader in scope and will use only methods that reflect the true desire of our people. We will systematically organize their participation, which will eventually lead to a turning point in our history.

Q: How do you feel about regional countries that conduct business with Burma’s regime rather than support the democratization of the country?

A: An individual or a country usually acts on the basis of self-interest. But that doesn’t mean that actions should lack ethical or moral motives. If their efforts are balanced, then they should be considered. But a state-to-state relationship is narrow. For the long-term interest of Burma, it should be, I believe, a citizen-to-citizen relationship. We welcome good relations built on ethics and morality. Even the world powers who voted against the resolution on Burma in the UN Security Council acknowledged our country has problems. So these countries should consider the interest of the Burmese people if they want to deal with the country openly and honestly. The state-to-state relationship is just temporary and historically weak.

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U Nu Wrote:
In Memory of the Democracy Struggle Heroes

In the land of Burma
Where justice there is none
Under the one-party system’s
Dark image
We grew up in the knowledge of red blood.
Our mentality is not a loser’s mentality
We do not fear brutality.
Don’t intimidate us with defeatist words.
We don’t nurture fear and because
We have this understanding and courage
We will face anything for freedom.
We will face military dictators and
Spill our blood in this and successive lives.
And then ... And then ...
In the campaign for democracy
We’ll inscribe our parts
That’s what we know in our hearts.

Mualcin Wrote:
He is imprisoned but his love for freedom cannot be imprisoned. His sacrifice for our freedom will live forever and we all will reap the fruits one day sooner or later.

Myo Myo Wrote:
Junta has to release MKN and 88 Group unconditionally and immediately. It is whole-hearted desires by our nation. The more delay the worst junta will face for survival.

Generals were using tools of “killing field” in 88 and “state-terrorisim” in Dapayin, 2003 (learned from China), but failed to stop People Power. TShwe and thugs used extrajudicial killings, rape, torture, and incommunicado detentions made no difference for their shaky power.

From Asia rice-bowl to LDC, from resource-rich country to bankraptcy today indicating the final day is approaching quickly.

With maximum shamble and unacceptable by all, Nagis Constitution, farce election and China connection reminded junta and thugs that their bullying has no more charms in Burma.

A humble suggestion: release all political prisoners including MKN and 88 Group. No time to waste for their contributions to the Nation. They are Burma’s new generation leaders. Stop non-sense bullying again and again. Enough is enough!

Kyaw Wrote:
The history of Burma has been too dirty and fulled with the wicket tricks. The most ugliest and will never be forgotten and forgiven is disrespect of the 1990 election results. The Generations to Generations will never accept the 2008 Constitution,how long, this military proxy Government will last? wait and see? ASEAN will not qualify them for the Seat, The west will never lift the embargo unless the 1990 Election result is honored by Delegate the Power to NLD to revise the 2008 Constitution and to be responsible to organize a new election, which will never happen under Theinsein.

Terry Evans Wrote:
The generals are frightened because of all the leaders who emerged during the heady days of Burma's pro-democracy uprisings in 1988,Min Ko Naing, the "Conqueror of Kings," stands out as perhaps the most heroic. He will never be bullied into silence.

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