Burma to Raise New Flag for First Time
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Monday, August 19, 2019

Burma to Raise New Flag for First Time

By THE IRRAWADDY Thursday, October 21, 2010


Burma's new national flag will be raised for the first time on Thursday afternoon, according to government sources.

After the flag-raising ceremony, which will take place across the country, the country's former flags will be burnt and buried.

The new flag
The new flag, designated in the 2008 Constitution, has a central star set against a yellow, green and red background.

The mysticism that dominates the life of junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe will also surround the flag-raising ceremony, sources say. The old flags will be lowered by government department officials who were born on a Tuesday, while the new flags will be raised by officials born on a Wednesday.

One million flags have been made by textile factories, according to sources within the Ministry of Defence.

Other sources said that the regime aimed to fly the new flag during the period of the Burmese general election on Nov. 7.

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yarzar Wrote:
Than Shwe run out of idea.

The new flag is look like exactly the same as the Shan State flag apart from the star instead of white circle inside.

What a shame Than Shwe copied another flag.

Nameless Wrote:
A copy of the Ghana National flag.
And the Cameroon too.

Bop conlwar Wrote:
wonderful, wonderful

Baw Gyi Wrote:
think positive... so that under-educated soldiers can draw the flag easily because they have never known how to draw a Burmese flag or a map

Trev Wrote:
I like the new flag: party time!

Clever move by the junta. It'll look great on T-shirts if tourism ever takes off, and who can really be angry with laid-back rastafarians?

But is the Irrawaddy going to recognise it? Or will "Burma" retain its flag as it fights to stay afloat in the march of history?

suswe Wrote:
It don't really like the new flag as much as the old. it is imperious to us!

Ougkar Wrote:
The SPDC/USDP can sing and dance on the stage, putting on a show that nobody likes. But they don't care.

Indre Wrote:
I'm sorry, but why did the government snatch Lithuania's national flag (yellow, green and red) and crossed it so curiously with Vietnam's (star in the center)?

beyintnaung Wrote:
Before Myanmar Patriots shows up and makes another stupid comment on the Irrawaddy, I wonder if his King Shwebomin II approved of this flag.

Ken Wrote:
It is very funny what those guy have done.
It is almost the same as the Shan Nationality's Flag.
Why doesn't the Tatmadaw just put The full moon there instead of the star? that would automatically be the Shan people's Flag.
Ken ,Thaland

Chindits Wrote:
This flag does not represent the country at all. A star?? You know That big white star is also the only star on the colors of Myanmar's tatmadaw, navy, air force and police force. This flag represent only the armed forces.

Mg.Vanna Wrote:
This flag is to become a legal symbol of Myanmar (Burma) as a sovereign nation requires adoption by the government to be formed after the forthcoming election. Can't they (junta) wait a little while to show respect to their own constitution ?

This is a case of the cart before the horse. It also demonstrates total disregard of the legal system of the country. By this, we can expect the kind of justice system to come after the election and new government.

This kind of high-handed abuse of power over the judiciary is what people as voters hate. Take lessons from 1990 election.

Where is the man who once said " Nobody is above the law"

God save the people of Burma.

Peter Tha Zan Wrote:
The new national flag has turned out to be a " brother of Cameroon".

Shame on you generals!

Bo A. Olson Wrote:
Funnily enough, we already have a miniature version of this very flag standing on a shelf in our office. It was presented to us twenty years ago by the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) as their official flag. Talk about stealing from opponents....

Bo A. Olson, Burma Center International

Aung Soe Lwin Wrote:
This flag represents a handful of people in the military group only, not the People of Burma.

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