Junta Turns Attention Back to the Jungle
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Junta Turns Attention Back to the Jungle

By WAI MOE Thursday, April 1, 2010


Following a month of relative quiet at the Sino-Burmese border while the military regime focused on election laws and the political situation in the country, attention turns once again to the border guard force (BGF) issue and the regime's attempts to bring the ethnic cease-fire groups under its command.

Naypyidaw's chief negotiator with the ethnic groups, Lt-Gen Ye Myint, is scheduled to meet on Thursday with an ethnic Wa delegation in Tangyan, a town in Shan State close to Wa territory, to discuss the military government's BGF proposal, according to sources close to the Wa.

Armed soldiers from the United Wa State Army ride in a vehicle on a street in Namteuk, neighbouring China's border town of Mangka. (Photo: Reuters)
The meeting is the first between the junta and the country's largest armed ethnic group, the United Wa State Army (UWSA), since February. At the previous meeting, Chinese officials, including commanders from the People’s Liberation Army, accompanied the Wa delegation, which was led by Bao Youxiang.

Ye Myint, who is also chief of Burma's Military Affairs Security, met on Sunday with representatives of the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA), known as the Mongla Group, a cease-fire group allied to the UWSA.

During the meeting, Ye Myint reportedly urged the NDAA delegation to respond positively to the BGF plan before April 22 or face repercussions by April 28. According to ethnic sources at the Sino-Burmese border, Ye Myint took a “tougher line” with the Mongla Group.

It is now one year since Naypyidaw proposed the BGF plan to various ethnic cease-fire groups. The Burmese government set the end of March as a further deadline, but has been unable to convince the main cease-fire groups in the region––the UWSA, the Mongla Group and the Kachin Independence Army––to agree to its terms.

According to sources, the regime leaders suspended negotiations with the ethnic groups for a month while they concentrated their efforts on the election laws and marginalizing the NLD, led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

On March 28, just a few days after Suu Kyi announced that she did not support the NLD registering for the election, the junta resumed talks with the NDAA. The NLD announced its decision not to register for this year's election the following day, on March 29, after a meeting of its executive committee in Rangoon.

“It is clear that the junta has turned its attention back to the cease-fire groups now that it believes it has strategically checkmated the NLD,” said Aung Kyaw Zaw, a Burmese observer based on the Sino-Burmese border.

Meanwhile, Burma’s state-run media reported on Wednesday that Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming met Burma's Secretary-1 Gen Tin Aung Myint Oo in Naypyidaw on Tuesday though it did not report on the officials' agenda.

However, the Chinese delegation is expected to raise concerns about the Burmese regime’s growing tensions with the ethnic cease-fire groups along its border, as well as discussing bilateral economic ties.

Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Chen Jian visited Naypyidaw and spoke with Burmese Prime Minister Gen Thein Sein and Tin Aung Myint Oo on August 28 during the Burmese army’s siege of the town of Laogai, which is the headquarters of the armed ethnic Kokang group known as the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army.

The following day, hundreds of Kokang fighters opposed to the BGF plan crossed the Sino-Burmese border and handed over their arms to Chinese officials.

During the conflict, as many as 37,000 Kokang-Chinese villagers fled to China. Chinese businessmen lost an estimated Yuan 280 million (US $40 million) in property and trade losses during the conflict and China subsequently called for compensation.

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tocharian Wrote:
How did Aung Kyaw Zaw (son of former Brigadier Kyaw Zaw) get politicla asylum in China?

Why is the PLA meddling with internal military affairs of Burma while at the same time the Chinese are vetoing any move by the UN Security Council against the junta by quoting "no interference in internal affairs of Myanmar." What kind of double-tongued immoral hypocrites are these Chinese. The whole world should fight against Chinese politics.

Garrett Wrote:
Quote MP4 UMPF:
"Be loyal to our king HM King Shwebomin II."

"Our king will be guiding the incoming government after the elections as His Majesty has done to the SPDC."

So you are saying that SG Than Shwe is merely HM King Shwebomin II's henchman?

And, that the "King" is the economic mastermind behind the rape of Burmese natural resources, the corporate genius behind the influx of international corporations taking advantage of the low wages paid to workers, & the ruthless murderer of monks?

And, that HMK S-II is the one who has ordered the atrocities & human rights abuses in the ethnic homelands decade after decade?

He sounds like an evil Burmese Wizard of Oz.

Now it all makes sense how "HM King Shwebomin II can afford to be a London socialite while the majority of Burmese citizens (those who didn't die before the age of five) either live in poverty, as slaves of the "Myanmar Kingdom", or as fugitives hunted by the King's army, commanded by his puppet Than Shwe.

tocharian Wrote:
First Burma should get rid of all those illegal Chinese running around the country bossing and bribing everyone, before there can be any true "reconciliation".
Why are there so many Chinese "officials, drug-dealers etc." meddling with the internal affairs of Burma??
Burma's sovereignty is really becoming a farce. Why is the "glorious tatmadaw" negotiating with the Chinese?

Myanmar Patriot 4 UMPF Wrote:
Our government has been most reasonable in offering the rebels the opportunity to be in the legal fold. TAKE IT! There is no point in harming the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Myanmar Kingdom. Be loyal to our king HM King Shwebomin II. We are on the threshold of freedom, democracy and prosperity.
Our country has resources;natural and human. Our human resources need developing. Our king will be guiding the incoming government after the elections as His Majesty has done to the SPDC.

Zam Mang Wrote:
Threats and intimidation will not bring peace. Ye Myint must not be allowed to achieve Than Shwe's goal in the BGF agenda. Because this kind of issue can alone be solved with dialogue, not at gunpoint.
If the ethnic groups do not consider themselves as dogs, they will never ever accept this BGF deal. This BGF agenda will not bring any of what we have demanded for the last half-a-century.
Wa, Kachin, Mon nor the Buddhist Karen people must not accept the BGF deal as long as they are trustworthy on which they claim fighting for.

George Than Setkyar Heine Wrote:
"Regarding ongoing ethnic issues, Burmese generals reportedly boasted they can conquer the armed ethnic groups easily. However, Chinese experts on Sino-Burmese issues say resolving tension with force is not so easy".
Of course, Than Shwe could BOOT out Bao Youxiang's UWSA, Mongla and other Chinese- led armed rebels out of Burma any time.
Hence, a flurry of Chinese visiting Naypyidaw and trying to RESTRAIN Than Shwe from kicking Boa Youxiang's ass and other drug runners' as well today.
Than Shwe's job is to PROTECT Burma's national SOVEREIGNTY and TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY since day one of wearing the uniform of Gen. Aung San's BURMA ARMY.
Today, Daw Suu, the NLD or 2010 elections even should be SECOND PRIORITY for Than Shwe in lieu of his SHAME, hesitating to attack China's proxy Bao Youxiang claiming a chunk of Burma's territory as his own today.
Than Shwe could rightly CLAIM his PLACE in Burma's HISTORY as a HERO even, in case he BOOTS Bao Youxiang out of Burma or else is a COWARD if he does not.

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