N. Korean Engineers Assist Burmese Tunneling Projects
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Thursday, May 30, 2024


N. Korean Engineers Assist Burmese Tunneling Projects

By THE IRRAWADDY Thursday, June 25, 2009

High velocity jets are used to smooth rock faces. (Photo: Peace Creation Group/ The Irrawaddy)

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North Korean engineers are helping Burma build tunnel complexes, not only in and around the capital, Naypyidaw, but at other strategic locations. The Irrawaddy has come into the possession of a series of photographs illustrating the extent of the North Korean involvement.






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Fuji Wrote:
Thank you, Irrawaddy, for shedding light on the horrible injustices that are happening in Burma and North Korea. The whole world would do well to pay attention and speak on behalf of the millions of Burmese and North Koreans who have been the subject of fear-based, hateful and unjust governments that don't serve the people but rather exploit and brainwash them.

Henry Wrote:
To Thidar Aye;
I want you to read this verse which was written by a Burmese scholar in 1959, you might not have been born yet at that time:
One of the questions I asked concerned a clause provident that if Japan were attacked by a third party, Great Britain would go to her assistance; in return, Japan was to help Great Britain quell any rebellion that might break out in India. I said," as a result of your recent victory over Russia, your country has now become not only a world power but the leading power in Asia. We Asiatic peoples who are in bondage to Europeans look up to you as the big brother. Then he said, "Do you mean to insinuate that our statesmen are fools? Their first duty is to our country and our people. If your people are lazy and stupid, you must all remain in bondage. Don't depend upon others."
Don't try to be opportunity taker in another country. Have you ever seen a Taiwan Embassy in Burma? Honesty is the best policy. Read more, study more.

thidar aye Wrote:
To Henry, who wrote about his father, telling him that he (his father) fought for the Union government against the KMT army in Shan State.

They bought the weapons from the USA.

Maybe his father was Ne Win (deceased) or his step father, Than Shwe.

Jeg Wrote:
Now we need to track the entries and exits to those tunnels and what is above them to avoid traps. Maybe those tunnels are in use already...

Henry Wrote:
When I was young, my father told me that he fought for the Union Government against the KMT army in Shan State. They found out that all the weapons came from the USA. The Union Government reported this war crime to the UNO, but America's response was like this:
We are selling weapons. If you want, we will sell to you too. This is sad and shameful.
Watch out foreign exiles:
North Korea might sell weapons, Burma might buy them if they have money, like the US did in 1958.
Burma has its sovereignity, therefore they make their own decisions. No one can interfere in their internal affairs, based on Geneva Conventions.
Russia gave a clear comment on Burma's internal affairs and its foreign policy.

Mr. Left Wrote:
Those Burmese generals thougth they could live forever. No one can escape death. If they live a long life, they can commit more sins.

prefer witheld Wrote:
I stayed at a government hotel while working on an educational project in Yangon. While there I met numerous people from India and Germany, some from France, all of whom were working for, they reported, an NGO. The nature of their work, however, seemed to me at odds with NGO-type work. It seemed more like construction of power plants and oil and resources extraction. I know of these things because I worked in construction- related industries for 20 years prior to a career in education. Also, I met a Russian woman teacher who told me there are 40 teachers at the Academy in Pyin Oo Lwin. She said that candidates learn Russian with them and then go to Russia for 3 years of Military Academy, then return to Burma to graduate. You may know of these things, I just thought it may be interesting in case you don't. If not, you may want to investigate. Especially the "NGO" workers who seem nothing of the sort. It seems like western companies are getting around the sanctions to contract with the Myanmar government.

Oparlay Wrote:
Good job, mighty Irrawaddy. I hope your correspondents on the ground will keep themselves safe and sound. This would unveil their secret missions to the public. I am sure the regime would really hate you.

MyoChitThuNYC Wrote:
I would like to commend The Irrawaddy for getting these pictures about the collaboration between Asia's two most oppressive regimes. These pictures will shine a light and concern that Burma is a threat to the international community by working with North Korea. Good job, Irrawaddy!

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