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By The Irrawaddy Thursday, January 1, 1998

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Khin Nyunt, the Hollywood comedians urged Par Par Lay’s immediate release.


Ohn Gyaw thanks Asean

The Slorc expressed its “sincere appreciation” for the “support and understanding” of Asean in planning to admit Burma to the regional group, the official press said.
“We are indebted to the Asean secretariat support, as well as to our Asean friends for their support,” Foreign Minister Ohn Gyaw said at a meeting of Burmese and Asean officials in Rangoon — one week after the US imposed an investment ban on Burma and appealed to the regional grouping to bar Rangoon’s admittance.

Unocal boss holds talks with Suu Kyi

The president of Unocal Corp held informal talks with Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon on issues including the US energy firm’s involvement in the Yadana gas project. With government approval, John Imle met Suu Kyi at her home for several hours on May 16.

Details of the talks, the first of their kind between the two parties, were not disclosed at the discretion of both parties.

Suu Kyi has urged the US firm to pull out because she sees its role as tantamount to supporting the ruling Slorc.

Mr. Imle wanted to hear directly from Suu Kyi why she perceived the Yadana gas development scheme as hindering political change in the country and why it was not seen as a catalyst in boosting the economy.

Unocal has a 28.26-percent stake in the US$1.2 billion Yadana project in the Gulf of Martaban, which has been developed by a consortium led by Total of France, largely for exporting natural gas to Thailand.

Rangoon welcomes Do Muoi

Vietnamese Communist Party Chief Do Muoi and his 65-member delegation cut short a three-day official visit to Rangoon because of excessively hot weather.

However, the trip was hailed as a success in forging unity between the two countries against “foreign acts of domination and oppression,” and was seen as a gesture to support Burma’s entry into Asean.

Do Muoi, the party secretary-general, became the second highest-ranking Vietnamese official to visit Burma since 1988.

Clinton signs ban on new US investment in Burma

US President Bill Clinton issued an executive order putting into effect a ban on new American investment in Burma in response to “a deepening pattern of severe repression” by the junta.

Clinton said the junta’s policies and its “large-scale repression of the democratic opposition in Burma” after Sept.

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