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By The Irrawaddy Thursday, January 1, 1998

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A green card is a permanent resident permit usually obtained before applying for US citizenship.

NLD party ‘too rigid’

Former member of the Burmese Socialist Programme Party that ruled Burma from 1962 to 1988, and current NLD member Tun Shwe, called the opposition party “too rigid” and urged them to be more flexible towards starting a dialogue with the Slorc.

Although party secretary-general Aung San Suu Kyi would be excluded from such talks, he argued that the NLD should allow a dialogue to be initiated between Slorc and Aung Shwe as a means of overcoming the current political stalemate.

NLD cancels meeting with Slorc

The NLD called off a meeting with Khin Nyunt due to the military’s insistence that NLD party secretary-general Aung San Suu Kyi not attend. Several other government officials were also invited.

Unocal remains bullish on Burma despite embargo

Unocal Corp. will continue to focus on economics before politics for itsinvestments worldwide, Unocal president John F. Imle said.

“Political decisions follow economic fundamentals,” Imle said, pointing to Unocal’s controversial investment in Burma, as an example.

“We believe engagement works better than isolation,” Imle explained. “That aligns us a lot more with Asean than it does with official US policy or some of our friends on Capitol Hill.”

Thai helicopter goes down near border

A Thai army Jet Ranger helicopter flying along the Thai-Burmese border south of Mae Sot was shot down by Slorc troops on August 28, 1997 dissidents and news agencies alleged. Four Thai soldiers including two pilots died in the crash.

Burmese rebels claimed that the plane was shot down with machine guns and automatic rifles by troops from Slorc’s Light Infantry Division 32, led by captains Thein Lwin and Kyaw San.

Sources also suspected Slorc troops have already destroyed the helicopter and disposed of the dead soldiers.

Thai firm quits Burma airline

Krong Sombat Co Ltd of Thailand sold its 49 per cent stake in Burma’s money-losing domestic Yangon Airways Ltd to Myanmar May Flower Group, one of Burma’s largest private conglomerates, a spokesman for the Burmese company said.

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