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More Detail on Military Reshuffle Emerges
Monday, August 30, 2010

Despite the continued silence of state-run media on the reported resignations of top military officials in the Burmese military leadership, almost all the important positions in the army including that of its supremo, Snr-Gen Than Shwe, were filled by a new generation of army officers.

Lt-Gen Myint Aung, the newly appointed commander in chief
According to a military memo obtained by The Irrawaddy on Monday, Lt-Gen Myint Aung, the army's adjutant general, becomes the commander in chief while Lt-Gen Ko Ko, head of Chief of Bureau of Special Operation 3, who is reputed to be the nephew of Than Shwe's wife, Kyaing Kyaing, becomes the deputy commander-in-chief.

General Thura Shwe Mann, the regime's No.3 position as joint chief of staff, goes to Lt-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, former Chief of the Bureau of Special Operation 2. Five positions in the Bureau of Specials Operations, which serves as the third tier in the Burmese army leadership, were also taken by five former regional commanders.

While Rangoon's former regional commander, Maj-Gen Win Myint, becomes the Military Appointment General, Maj-Gen Kyaw Swe, the former commander of Southwest Regional Command, fills the position of Lt-Gen Ye Myint, former Chief of Military Affairs Security who was the regime's negotiator with the cease-fire armed ethnic groups.

Also, 15 military officers were promoted to the posts of regional commanders, the powerful ranking commander in each respective region. Brig-Gen Maung Maung Aye, the former commandant of the General Staff College, becomes the commander of the Naypidaw command, and Brig-Gen Tun Than becomes the new regional commander for Rangoon.

According to military sources, all new officers are close to Than Shwe and are below the age of sixty—the maximum age for serving military and government officials in Burma.

It is assumed that Than Shwe remains as the head of government and will become president in the future government and that other retired officers would join the junta's proxy party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party, paving the way for the former senior military personnel to be elected as civilian representatives in the new government.

This is in addition to the fact that the constitution already guarantees the military a quarter of the seats in the parliament.

Below is an updated list of promotions: 

The Appointment Order of the Tatmadaw on August 27, 2010

Commander in Chief: Lt-Gen Thura Myint Aung (DSA 18)

Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt-Gen Ko Ko (DSA 19)

Joint Chief of Staff (Army, Navy, Air Force) (Gen Shwe Mann's former position): Lt-Gen Min Aung Hlaing (DSA 19, former BSO 2 chief)

Adjutant General (Lt-Gen Thura Myint Aung's former position): Lt-Gen Khin Zaw Oo (former Costal Regional Commander)

Quartermaster General (Gen Tin Aung Myint Oo's former position): Maj-Gen Wai Lwin (DSA 19, former Naypyidaw Regional Commander)

Military Affaris Security Chief (Lt-Gen Ye Myint's former position): Maj-Gen Kyaw Swe (DSA 22, former Southwestern Regional Commander)

Military Ordnance Chief (Lt-Gen Tin Aye's former position): Maj-Gen Thein Htay

Chief of Bureau of Special Operations (BSO) 1 (Lt-Gen Thar Aye's former position): Maj-Gen Myint Soe (former northwestern regional commander)

BSO 2 Chief (Lt-Gen Min Aung Hlaing's former position): Maj-Gen Aung Than Htut (DSA 20) (former northeastern regional commander)

BSO 3 Chief (Lt-Gen Ko Ko's former position): Maj-Gen Hla Min (DSA 22) (Former southern regional commander)

BSO 4 Chief (Lt-Gen Khin Zaw's former position): Maj-Gen Thet Naing Win (DSA 20) (former southeastern regional commander)

BSO 5 Chief (Lt-Gen Myint Swe's former position): Maj-Gen Tin Ngwe (former central regional commander)

BSO 6 Chief (Lt-Gen Ohn Myint's former position): Maj-Gen Soe Win (DSA 22) (former northern regional commander)

Military Operation Chief (Lt-Gen Maung Shein's former position): Maj-Gen Kyaw Phyo (former triangle regional commander)

Air Defense Chief (Lt-Gen Myint Hlaing's former position): Maj-Gen Sein Win

Military Appointment General (Lt-Gen San Sint's former position): Maj-Gen Win Myint (DSA 20)

Military Inspector General (Lt-Gen Thein Htike's former position): Maj-Gen Thaung Aye (DSA 20) (former western regional commander)

Military Judge General (Lt-Gen Soe Maung's former position): Maj-Gen Yar Pyae (DSA 22, former eastern regional commander)

Military Training Chief: Lt-Gen Hla Htay Win remains in the same position.

Chief of Provost Martial (Military Police): Brig-Gen Than Htut (former light infantry division (LID) 11 commander)

Commandant of the National Defense College: Brig-Gen Hla Myint Shwe

Commandant of the Defense Services Technology Institute: Col Nyo Saw

Commandant of the Defense Services Academy (DSA): Col Myat Tun Oo

Commandant of the Defense Services Medical Institute: Col Ko Ko Naing

Regional Military Commands
Commander of Northern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Zayar Aung (DSA 23)

Commander of Northeastern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Aung Kyaw Zaw (DSA 24, former commander of LID 33)

Commander of Triangle Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Than Tun Oo (DSA 24, former MOC 14 commander)

Commander of Eastern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen San Oo (DSA 24)

Commander of Southeastern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Tun Nay Lin

Commander of Coastal Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Khin Maung Htay

Commander of Rangoon Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Tun Than (DSA 24, former LID 77 commander)

Commander of Northeastern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Tin Maung Win (former LID 22 commander) 

Commander of Western Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Soe Thein (DSA 24, former MOC 9 commander)

Commander of Northwestern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Soe Lwin (former MOC 3 commander)

Commander of Southern Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Soe Htut (former LID 88 commander)

Commander of Central Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Ye Aung

Commander of Naypyidaw Regional Military Command: Brig-Gen Maung Maung Aye (former MOC 6 commander)

Military Operations Commands (MOC)
Commander of MOC 1: Col Aung Ye Win
Commander of MOC 3: Col Myat Kyaw
Commander of MOC 7: Col Lu Aye
Commander of MOC 8: Col Ye Naing Myo
Commander of MOC 12: Col Naing Win
Commander of MOC 14: Col Tin Aung Chit
Commander of MOC 17: Col Tint Swe

Light Infantry Divisions (LID)
Commander of LID 11: Col Tat Lin Ohn
Commander of LID 22: Col Htin Paw Tun
Commander of LID 33: Col Aung Soe
Commander of LID 88: Col Tun Tun Naung
Commander of LID 101: Col Min Naing

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