Khin Nyunt Video Resurfaces with Sound Restored
By YENI Saturday, December 4, 2010


As the rest of the world wades through the 250,000 classified American diplomatic cables now available on WikiLeaks, Burmese are having to make do with just one intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpse of the internal workings of their country's ruling regime: a video of former military intelligence chief Khin Nyunt that first appeared one week ago and has now resurfaced, this time with audio.

A week after a 16-minute silent video of Khin Nyunt receiving a visit at his home from police chief Khin Yi and other senior police officials was first posted on Facebook, a new, seven-minute version with sound has begun circulating on YouTube.

Khin Nyunt, former military intelligence chief. (Photo: AP)
The earlier version of the video gave rise to a great deal of speculation about what the two men were discussing during their sometimes tense encounter, with some observers suggesting that Khin Yi had come to seek Khin Nyunt's advice on behalf of junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe.

However, the new version makes it clear that the video was filmed sometime shortly after the former spy chief and prime minister was ousted from power and placed under house arrest in October 2004.

When he first appears at the door of his stately home to let his visitors in, Khin Nyunt remarks that the lights in the living room are not working. He is then seen seated at a table in the dining room, where he and Khin Yi begin talking.

When Khin Yi asks him and his wife, Khin Win Shwe, to accompany him to another location, the 70-year-old  Khin Nyunt responds irritably: “My sons and son-in-law have already been taken away. If we both leave the house, there will be no one to take care of our grandchildren.”

He adds that the children are not allowed to go to school because the whole family has been “cut off from the outside.”

“We just live according to the regulations imposed on us by the security authorities.”

Seconds later, however, he softens his tone and says: “We will follow you anyway. Don't worry. Take it easy. I am not a person opposed to the state.”

This exchange suggests that the video was taken around the time Khin Nyunt was first placed under house arrest after being accused of corruption. As the regime moved to dismantle his powerful military intelligence network, Than Shwe signed a statement that Khin Nyunt had been “permitted to retire on health grounds.”

However,  in July 2005, Khin Nyunt was tried by a Special Tribunal inside Rangoon's Insein Prison on eight charges, including export-import violations, diverting public property, bribery and corruption. Later, he received a 44-year suspended prison sentence and was placed under house arrest.

Two of Khin Nyunt's sons, Lt-Col Zaw Naing Oo and Ye Naing Win, who owned Burma's first Internet service provider, Bagan Cybertech, which later became known as Myanmar Teleport, received prison sentences of 68 and 51 years, respectively.

At that time, about 300 people linked to the former prime minister were also put on trial, with more than 40 convicted, mainly for “economic crimes.” Some received sentences of more than 100 years.

During his time in power, Khin Nyunt was often described by foreign observers as the most moderate and outward-looking member of the junta. However, political prisoners say that military intelligence officers under his command routinely used torture on detainees.

Former military officer Sai Thein Win, who now lives in exile in Europe, said the video of Khin Nyunt being treated as a prisoner made him feel a certain amount of pity, “but as a Buddhist, I can say only that one must always receive the results of one's karma.”

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Anonymous Wrote:
Can someone like Aung Lin Htut share information on who's who in the intelligence circle during Khin Nyunt's time? Including Hla Min, Zaw Htun Aung, Myo Thant, and Hla Thet Maung.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Thein Win Wrote:

"This is psychological warfare."


PB Publico Wrote:
Isn't the Great fully cocked Mr Patriots getting himself in a most pitiable state, finding himself in his right place?

Thein Win Wrote:
This is psychological warfare.

shwemoe Wrote:
What goes around comes around and so let it be with Khin Nyunt; they are snakes ready to swallow one another or even their own tail. It gives me pleasure to see them take one another down; just speed it up Than Shwe.

Anonymous Wrote:
As the UN Commission of Inquiry (CoI) intensifies the investigation of the regime's alleged crimes against humanity, Than Shwe has to and must be very concerned. Khin Nyunt in addition to all his associates can all be considered as valuable key witness(es) for this investigation. Than Shwe may want to ensure that all potential witnesses be secured or yet to be not available. By now, any available physical records must and may have already been disposed of and destroyed. Witnesses are what are still available. We have to remember that Khin Nyunt was the Chief of Intelligence. The
UN Commission of Investigation (CoI) will have to move fast while the remaining available witnesses and any remaining evidences are still available. Otherwise, the investigation might as well be called off. When Khin Nyunt was disposed from his Prime Minister position, about 300 of his associates were also imprisoned for long term sentence in various isolated prisons scattered around the country.

PB Publico Wrote:
We hear this man is "free" now. Good news!
Why not many more good news of the other political prisoners too? If this man is innocent or pardoned from any sin he had committed, then, why not the other more decent, innocent people currently held for political reasons?

Zawdgyi Wrote:
HOUSTON - A Burma refugee lost his life in a deadly aggravated robbery in southwest Houston.

Kar Reh Lucky was shot dead while waiting for a friend in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 5900 block of Ranchester Drive, investigators say.

Two suspects approached Lucky on Nov. 23 and attempted to rob him. Lucky was shot in the back and died from his injuries.

Anyone with more information is urged to contact Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477. You will remain anonymous.

A Burmese Govt Spokesman has said "Burma has resolved her internal conflict and asks her sons and daughters to return home. We love you all"

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
OB Publico Wrote:

"Did he say he was not opposed to the State? or just the state?

Any way, he must have known that he was part of the apparatus that was (and still is) opposed to the will of the people. The will of the people is the State, a democratic principle, or the State Power. But true to form, he and the whole lot of them have been using the abstract noun of the State or the state (this word is not abstract though), twisting the idea of the State to mean either the Senior General, or the junta as a group, in control of the usurped totalitarian power." BLAH BLAH BLAH, showing off half cocked knowledge of nature of 'state'.
Typical Burmese half wit!


Moe Aung Wrote:
The seven minute clip seems like the less important first half. He wasn't 70 then if it really was filmed in 2004. Are we getting more or is someone playing games?

Doesn't make sense why now. Does the old news add any useful info to the sum of knowledge? Just leaking for its own sake? Something fishy going on here.

Thein Wrote:
It is pity that former spy chief and prime minister Khin Nyut is witnessed by himself, what most of civilians are suffering in Burma.
I do hope, he will pardon his boss dictator Than Shwe, as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi did.
Actually, Than Shwe just acts what the Chinese dictator said " I will jail and even kill millions of people by mistake,but I will not let one free by mistake".

M Wrote:
It is a tragic and inhumane action to him and his family from the corner of human rights, i.e his grand-children are not allowed to attend school. What kind of law have the military regime applied to these innocent children? But I still remember that universities in Burma were closed for about 2 years in 1996 without having any official announcement. K Nyunt was in the chair of National Education and Health Committees at that time. I was a second year medical student in 1996 and when we, our batch got MBBS in 2004, we spent ten years in University for the degree. Now his new generations are in similar situation and he could sympathize with what we felt and our parents felt. He also proved how the life of a dictator collapsed.

alex amrub Wrote:
One idiot got hold of this tape from someone and leaked it. That's all. No political motive whatsoever is involved.

tocharian Wrote:
Didn't he make money by negotiating with smugglers and drug dealers?
Real brave soldiers fight to win or to die. They don't make deals. Only gangsters do that over turf.

Hla Thein Wrote:
I think the video clip warned the senior tatmadaw officers to show that it will happen like that if they are against the supremo.

malihkrang Wrote:
There will be someone to do the same to murderer Than Shwe.

Regardless of how high rank you are in the Tatmadaw, you will always be vulnerable and constantly in fear. In a democratic country, the military men are heroes and safe.

Our Tatmadaw servicemen should support and follow Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for the betterment of our country. Please stop supporting stupid crazy old-man Than Shwe.

james o'brien Wrote:

If the video was taken in 2004, why does Khin Nyunt look so old and washed out and why is the video being leaked now??

I think in fact it is a recent arrest (or arrest when it was raining? rainy season)

The initial Khin Nyunt arrest was in Nov. 04 (no rain) -

I received, from a confidential source,a more detailed transcript.

I think he was relatively recently arrested (from house arrest to real prison, Insein?) and this video being longer shows him saying good bye to his large family, especially the children. It's quite affecting.

So it must have been leaked by someone sympathetic to him -- in opening shots the arresting officer is asking for a key to front door, which is brought by someone (guard?)

So they did not break in his door disrepectfully.

Someone in arresting party took the video -

he (sure it's a he) made sure to pan camera all over front room and stairs, big house furnished in poor taste.

KN looks pale, puffy, old, unhealthy.

Sai Lin Wrote:
In the Burmese military history since 1962, Ne Win, Col Tin Oo (MI), Secretary Tin Oo, Sein Lwin, Saw Maung, Khin Nyunt and other high rank generals all end up with bad fortune because they can not avoid their Karma.
Than Shwe's crimes are worse than any military man's. Everyone in Burma knows his crimes. We have to wait and witness Karma knocking on his door soon.

Thien Maung Wrote:
Very sad story in this modern world. How long can one shake a tree ?

Oo Maung gyi Wrote:
Snr.General Than Shwe will never discuss Burmese issues with Khin Nyunt including ethnic border guard issue. It is not necessary to discuss with him, because Tatmadaw high officials had issued notifications and negotiated many times with various ethnic arms group. In Burma over all issue is political matter. Tatmadaw leaders are not fair enough with ethnic rights at the same all ethnic groups want greater autonomy and freedom, especially political freedom. Not guided democracy. In this regards to negotiate with ethnic arms group, Khin Nyunt is not necessary, among the generals Than Shwe can assign any of the one. What Khin Nyunt can do until and unless Than Shwe gives approval. When Khin Nyunt was in power he could do without Than Shwe's consent. Now time is not favourable for Khin Nyunt right away to decide apart from that he is under house arrest. First of all it is require to give him amnesty and keep him as powerful adviser, then he can take initiative, otherwise no way.

OB Publico Wrote:
Did he say he was not opposed to the State? or just the state?

Any way, he must have known that he was part of the apparatus that was (and still is) opposed to the will of the people. The will of the people is the State, a democratic principle, or the State Power. But true to form, he and the whole lot of them have been using the abstract noun of the State or the state (this word is not abstract though), twisting the idea of the State to mean either the Senr General, or the junta as a group, in control of the usurped totalitarian power.

We are not glad to see him in this pitiable situation, just as much as we are not happy to see, or think of, so many prisoners of conscience who have been unlawfully sentenced to various long terms, with no humanitarian and health facilities, and with broken up families.

This is another case of a bully in the position of a victim. Poor man.

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