Burma’s Rigged Road Map to Democracy
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Burma’s Rigged Road Map to Democracy

By Htet Aung AUGUST, 2007 - VOLUME 15 NO.8

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The individual digits 1 and 8 add to 9.

The country’s ruling elites believe the number 9 brings luck and good fortune. In the past, they have scheduled major political or policy announcements for times and days that correspond to the number 9.

The coup that brought the current dictators to power occurred o­n September 18, 1988. Again, the digits 1 and 8 add to 9.The 1990 elections were held o­n May 27. The digits 2 and 7 make 9. The government’s Order 1/90 announcing the drafting of a new constitution was made o­n July 27. Do the math.

Coincidence, some might say. Perhaps, but the number of members in the National Convention’s Convening Committee, Working Committee and Management Committee are 18, 27 and 36, respectively. All digits add to the lucky number 9.

One more, just for good measure. The first session of the National Convention convened o­n January 9, 1993, and exactly 702 delegates were invited.

Many of the generals, particularly the late dictator Gen Ne Win, followed the advice of astrologers and mystical “number crunchers” to divine the fate of the country or to seek personal goals of power or fortune. o­n the advice of his personal astrologer, Ne Win replaced the country’s 25, 35 and 75 kyat banknotes with alternates in the denominations of 45 and 90—to devastating economic effect in 1987. He issued the order to do so in September, the ninth month of the year.

Perhaps junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe believes the number 9 will help legitimize his lust for power in a state constitution; o­nly time will tell how those numbers will add up for the country’s opposition and the international community.

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