Journalists, writers and poets in Burma's gulag
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Journalists, writers and poets in Burma's gulag

By Committee to Protect Journalists, Burma; Information Group, The Nation, Radio Free Asia MAY, 1998 - VOLUME 6 NO.3

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Ye Htut--Imprisoned: September 27, 1995

Ye Htut was arrested o­n charges of sending fabricated news abroad to Burmese dissidents and opposition media. Among the organizations to which Ye Htut allegedly confessed sending reports was the Thailand-based Burma Information Group (BIG), which publishes the human rights newsletter The Irrawaddy.

Burma’s official media claimed that BIG had presented a false picture of the country to foreign governments and human rights organizations. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 1997, CPJ was unable to obtain new information o­n his status.

Song Win Lat

A famous short story writer detained since early 1997, Song Win Lat is serving a seven-year jail term. He was accused of violating the press act. In reality, he made a joke about the junta during a literature talk.

Ma Thida [Sanchaung] 

Ma Thida is a short story writer and physician who has worked with the NLD. She has been detained since August 1993.  She was accused of  printing and publishing materials which opposed the military’s National Convention. In reality, she was sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment for possession of a copy of the Khit-pyine journal. She is in bad health.

Maung Hming

Maung Hming, a well-known poet, was arrested in  December 1991 and is serving a fifteen-year jail term. He is a member of the All-Burma Federation of Student Unions. He joined a peaceful demonstration o­n the campus of Rangoon University o­n 10 December 1991. He distributed many poems written about Aung San  Suu Kyi. He is now in Thayat prison. He is a student of Rangoon University.

Aung Gyan (Monywa)

Aung Gyan is a well-known poet detained since December 1991. He is serving a fifteen-year jail term. He is a final year agricultural student and a member of  ABFSU.

U Moe Thu 

A writer and journalist who worked closely with Aung San Suu Kyi, U Moe Thu has been detained since May 1996. He was charged under Section 10(A) of the State Protection Law of 1975. He was arrested before the sixth anniversary of the 1990 election. In 1989 he was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment. His translation of Exodus is among his more well-known works.

Dr. Aung Khin Sint

A senior NLD leader, Dr. Aung Khin Sint contributed health, education and general knowledge articles to numerous magazines and journals. He has been detained since 1996. This is his third prison term under the junta.

Nyi Pu Lay

Nyi Pu Lay is a well-known short story writer who has been detained since November 1990. He is serving a ten-year jail term. His parents are well-respected writers Lu Du U Hla and Lu Du Daw Amar. According to the jail manual rules, he should have been released at the end of 1997.

Kyi Tin Oo

Kyi Tin Oo is a short story writer and poet detained since 1993. Accused of publishing documents against the junta, he is serving a twelve-year jail term.  He is now suffering from heart disease.

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