NLD Supporters Attacked in Naypyidaw
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Saturday, October 23, 2021

NLD Supporters Attacked in Naypyidaw

By SAW YAN NAING/ THE IRRAWADDY Monday, March 19, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi on the campaign trail in Mon State on March 11. (PHOTO: Reuters)

Several supporters of Burma's opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) were attacked by rival supporters in Naypyidaw, according to a party statement on Monday.

The NLD said that their supporters were physically assaulted during a rally on Sunday for candidate Min Thu in the Burmese capital, and that a female security guard employed by the NLD was seriously injured after being attacked with sharpened sticks.

The attack allegedly occurred during a speech by Min Thu who is representing the NLD in the April 1 by-election for the Ottarathiri constituency seat in Naypyidaw.

“The NLD always opposes such violence,” said the statement.

Condemning the attack, the NLD said it had reported the incident to the respective police officials, and that such acts can damage the integrity of a free and fair election.

According to the NLD statement, there exists a policy of vote-buying in Min Kin Township in Sagaing Division. The NLD also condemned Dr. San Win, the candidate representing the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in Min Kin, saying that he had criticized NLD chairman Aung San Suu Kyi.

The NLD statement said all of these incidents are illegal and that they violate existing election laws.
The NLD also accused USDP members of forcefully ordering local residents in some villages in Sagaing to attend the USDP campaign gathering on Mar. 16.

USDP supporters also told local Chinese—who are Burmese citizens living in Lashio, northern Shan State—that they should not vote for the NLD as it is pro-Western, according to Soe Myint Maung, the NLD candidate for the city.

In a party rally at Lashio on Saturday, Suu Kyi reached out to ethnic Chinese and minority voters, and denied all the allegations made by the USDP supporters.

“I heard that Chinese businessmen and merchants were threatened,” Suu Kyi was quoted by AFP as saying. “They were told that their businesses would be harmed if the NLD wins the election, because Suu Kyi's party enjoys close relations with Western countries.”

Suu Kyi continued: “I would like to request people to pass along the word that these things are not true.”

She told the assembled gathering, which included many Chinese and ethnic minorities, that her party was not out to destroy Chinese businesses.

Meanwhile, teachers and college students from Tenasserim Division in southern Burma claimed that they cannot cast their votes freely during the period of advance voting.

More than 70 teachers from Laung Lon in Tavoy District were allegedly called in front of the township educational administration office on March 17 and told that a training program would begin on March 23 and last until April 1, and that they would therefore have to vote in advance.

“They said that as we will not able to vote on April 1, we must vote now,” said one of the teachers. “Since we have to vote in front of the administrators and they have our names and addresses written on the envelopes, we wouldn't dare vote for the NLD, only the USDP.”

At Educational College in Tavoy, about 50 students from Laung Lon and Kyun Su townships said they were also urged to vote in advance in the presence of the rector and other college heads.

“The rector called us to the library and told us to tick a ballot and seal the envelope with glue,” said a student. “There was nothing on the envelope, not even the seal of the Election Commission or the name of the polling center or the signature of the polling officer.”
The Irrawaddy reporter Zarni Mann also contributed to this article.

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Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
1.1990 elections were meant for national assembly to write a constitution, NOT to give power to NLD.NLD was asked to write constitution, but no brain. Traitor Suu Kyi wanted power in a hurry, having jumped on the bandwagon of democracy.
2. Evil deeds of dead Fargaung ShuMaung made NLD win with 59% of votes.Many irregularities with results; votes per constituency so distorted.
3. Traitor SuuKyi was never for the people. she has exposed herself as an interloper, opportunist and lusty of power.
4. AungSanOo has every right to sue for half the estate.
Where is your sense of justice? FAME, FORTUNE OR GLORY does not entitle anyone to take advantage of their position to deny others justice. Do you understand the logic of it?
Denying AungSanOo justice is exactly what traitor BuuByi has done. But that is not the end of the story.
Don't call yourself Burma Patriots whilst sucking up to kalars and ex-coloniser!WATCH YOUR SLAVE MENTALITY.
Go ahead IRRAWADDY, censor this message.

Mohammad Wrote:
the just President of Myanmar DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI mshe is elected by 85% majorities on 1990 why needed more election that is all militari power and rule we are not trusted and support us.. i calling to all oppossition have faith againts with myanmay corruptio and miss used power sice 1988-2010. arrest them ann General TAN SWeE

Burma Patriots Wrote:
We are with Justice. Mind your words, Myanmar patriots. Mind your words.

Hail Daw Suu, Hail Daw Suu, Hail Daw Suu.

Justice Wrote:
Why you hate and insult Daw Suu,who has won popular support around the world ?She has not cheated her brother but ASO has been instigated to sue her. Please do not mix up with the case lost to Bangladesh.That is due to the weakness of the present regime.Mind your words,Myanmar Patriots.

tocharian Wrote:
The country has to get rid of this deep-seated habit of bullying and bribing as the only method to do politics and business. If that continues Burma is a long way from "freedom of fear", but more importantly, from abolishing the poverty of the vast majority (99%) of the population. If this rampant corruption and coercion does not end soon, "reform, democracy and opening-up" will be just empty rhetoric that the upper class (1%) is using to enrich themselves even more and there would be even more bullying and bribing than before.

Kyaw Wrote:
Medias seem enjoying some freedom.
NLD seems enjoying free touring and party campaigns.
Armless decapitated prisoners released.
Why all those happened?
(1) 48 seats have no way a threat.
(2) The power has been firmed in the hand of USDP.
(3) Want the west to relax sanctions.

The freedoms to such level is possible in 2011-2012. But, it will be forgone history in 2015.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Violence is unjustified AND unlawful. It is shameful.
USDP must explain how SuuKyi ARIS betrayed Burma, cheated her brother AungSanOo, a true patriot and with the help of foreign media she gained so much popularity and publicity and fame. Nothing due to her merit.

Concentrate on making her lose in Kawhmu!

Burma had already lost a case to Bangladesh.

kerry Wrote:


Burma does not belong to USDP. A rigged or violent election will not pass muster internationally.

Mualcin Wrote:
Losers and thugs may show their colors. They will never ever get my vote.

Mg La Wrote:
Hoping for free and fair election under animal's rule (USDP) is just a mere invitation to lion for herbivorous feast. While NLD is going on with rigorous confidence of the public, the lion is protecting itself by using its instinct cruel means. Let's see whether the lion will die or the peacock will dance.

The Election Commission Wrote:
U - Useless and Uncivilised
S - Stupid and Stubborn
D - Diehard Dirty and Disgustful
P - Pathetic Party

Uncivilised Aggression and Violence have no room in our civilised Burma.

Stupid hooligan behaviour has no space in our civilised Burma.

Disrespectfulness to your fellow brothers and sisters has no place in our civilised Burma.

Perverted politics by these uncivilised, stupid and disrespectful persons are not for our civilised Burma.

The whole world is watching our civilised Burma.

Do not be intimidated and do not fear.

We are a civilised Nation.

Venus Wrote:
USDP is very very low class guard-dogs, so they have no face to commit any crimes, do any threats, violence and they are confident that they have strong background from UTS.

aung yin Wrote:
Why they want to push Myanmar to be Arab Country ?

Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
President Thein Sein must understand that is it "Free and Fair" by election. How can your order to be carry out through out the country? All your party USDParty members are morally corrupted and physically crude and rude. If you all have mind to futher spoil the country then do such kind of actions, but sooner or later you will see this country will become under your father chinese will come and control.
Civilize nation does not do such kind of thieves action, who is teaching you to do such thing, may be morally corrupted gangs of USDP party leading members.

awngsan Wrote:
If the government still cunning,
do it, weapon to weapon., word to word bravely.
otherwise, we are loser again and again and again, again, ....... ....

yebaw Wrote:
It was not the first time they (USDP) attacked the members of NLD. They will do in may ways to win in the forth-coming election. They have power, money and authority to win the election, but the people won't vote for them.

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