Burma Business Roundup (Saturday, March 3)
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Burma Business Roundup (Saturday, March 3)

By WILLIAM BOOT / THE IRRAWADDY Saturday, March 3, 2012

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“Europe has strong experience in implementation of poverty-alleviation projects and offers a lucrative market for [Burma’s] exports of timber, oil and gas, textiles, seafood, gemstones and manufactured goods,” it said.

However, poor infrastructure such as transport and low productivity in an agricultural sector which still employs two-thirds of the working population present formidable problems to resolve, said report authors Patricia Diaz and Shada Islam.

Asean Offers no Model for Burma on Rule of Law

Burma can expect little guidance from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), which it will chair in 2014, as it embarks on major political and economic reforms, claims a regional legal expert.

“There is a disturbing lack of interest, or self-delusion, about the absence of the rule of law regionally,” said Barry Wain, of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.

“Despite the adoption of a charter by Asean, the rule of law in the grouping is still more aspiration and ideal than reality,” he wrote for a conference on the rule of law.

“Since its founding in 1967, Asean has preferred what has become known as the ‘Asean Way’—informality and loose arrangements rather than treaties and formal agreements, consensus and dependence on personal relations among leaders, ministers and officials.”

Years after the Asean Charter was agreed in 2007, giving the organization a legal character, barely half of all economic agreements between the ten member countries have been implemented.

Burma Needs Experts to Build Two New Airports

Burma’s main airport in Rangoon will be inadequate to handle the growing volume of passenger traffic within two years, according to Civil Aviation Department Deputy Director Win Swe Tun.

He said a new international airport was needed and a site north of Rangoon at Hantharwaddy is being considered. Burma would also need an airport in the Tavoy area in the southeast to cater for the planned special economic zone development there.

Win Swe Tun said the government would welcome foreign investment and technical help in achieving the proposed new airports because “companies here have little experience in construction work for aviation projects.”

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Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
Why not give to construct airports to Asia world company which belong to drug lord Law Sit Han's son, Steven law, the cronies of previous junta and a black list of US? Burma is a country becomes very cloise eye point of Asean and EU due to it's natural resources which can make the counbtry a modern Burma. But it is immediately needed to amend constitution to be in democratic priciples. If Thein Sein is real reformist and has sincerity to change the country the only wat is to cooperate Aung San Suu Kyi who has in ternational recognition and good morale character and has popularity with her couyntry men.

Bill Gov Wrote:
Burma's potential seems promising but economic development in the country is indeed uphill challenging without a honest, clean and uncorrupted government.
While the Burmese government is ignorantly pushing ahead its poorly estimated economic development plans on overdrive, the EU, the international communities and savy foreign investments must be wary of false promises and hopes on their investment returns and can expect the economy to be stagnant and shrink due to over investments and over building.

Hlaing Oo Wrote:
One tonne of burnt coal makes 3.7 tonnes of CO2. A tipical (500 megawatt) coal plant burms 1.4 millon tons of coal each year. The more coal we burn the more pollution we spew into the air.

Our 2000 miles long coastal has planty of natural gas. We should use natural gas for long hunger electricity.

Our nations already suffered poor health. Using coal will make more harmful to health.

Moden coal industry technology couldn't make less carbondioxide that lead to smog.

Myitsone project could have destroyed the country from the head and Tavoy Coal plant will have destroyed the country from the tail.

Smog and Acid Rain. Lung disease, Asthma, Premature death, Respiratory illness, Heart disease and Cancer.

Ohn Wrote:
First the military destroyed and squander the country by theft and corruption in spite of total destruction of frontier regions, inner lands saved by lack of transport and technology as well as drug and opium deals.

Now they, to their credit, carefully orchestrated a facade of palatable appearance for all to enjoy to entice MONEY from different source as they now are scared stiff of their erstwhile "Pauk phew" brothers who are demanding their due pound of flesh.

Their main concern now is not to have any public uprising or riots. If they can also fulfill their customers' need along the way all the better.

Ohn Wrote:
Concern for the public? They would if they understand the word.

They would send along the feelers like this one and take as much as they can.

As for the knights in shining armor, the much touted international communities, their interest now intersects with Then Sein's.

Now the previuosly idealistic opposition forces are blind to the real plight of real people ( no talk of commodity price rises, artificially lowering of produce prices, killing and torturing of the citizens even though they are not famous) .

With this dissociation and misplaced faith of public in people who wants to be " rich like Thailand and Singapore" rather than keep the poor fed, their fate is doomed.

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