For Rangoon Strikers, No End in Sight
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For Rangoon Strikers, No End in Sight

By HPYO WAI THA / THE IRRAWADDY Friday, February 17, 2012

Workers at the Tai Yi factory in Rangoon continue their strike outside the company compound on Feb. 16, 2012 (Photo: Hpyo Wai Tha)
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How could they pay more than they have?' They are not with us,” said one of the representatives who attended the meeting.

“They'd better change their office name into 'Department of Employers' instead of 'Department of Labor!'" angrily remarked one female worker in her twenties.

When The Irrawaddy called the Department of Labor, one of the senior officials said some of the workers were happy with the offer while some were not. “I am too busy to answer your questions,” the official added before slamming down the receiver.

On Thursday morning, the 10th day of the strike, the representatives sought a general consensus from the striking workers outside the factory to proceed with their cause legally, and asked them to go back to their dorms.

A few minutes later, the 46 workers-cum-spokespersons were on their way to Rangoon Division Labor Office for some paperwork to submit their case next Monday to the  Trade Dispute Committee, a government body to settle disputes between workers and employers.

“We're still on strike. We are fighting for our rights, because we want to be treated fairly. If we fail, we will ask for compensation and find another job. That's what we have decided,” said a female worker representative before she entered the labor office.

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Rockderk Wrote:
I have read the owner is ethnic Chinese. Anybody know who it is? I think it would help the workers cause to publish his /her name everywhere and label him or her a the tightfisted slave driver he or she appears to be.

kothargyi Wrote:
The owner of the Tai Yi should agree what the worker's demand. Because now, he lost over one week production. And Tai Yi owner is very rich. He can pay that amount.

ko Nay oo lin Wrote:
Must support to them strongly.

kerry Wrote:
Do China's businesses really need to further exploit Burmese people?

tocharian Wrote:
I think the NLD should get involved and publicly show solidarity with the exploited workers. It's by-election time and it would be hypocritical for an opposition party to ask people to vote for them if the party doesn't care about the fate of the 99% of the population.

Charles M. Minster Wrote:
I salute the Tai Yi factory strikers and along with them demand that they be recognized, honored and rewarded for their dedication, hard work and courage.

The factory owners are like any capitalist enterprise squeezing what they can get away with from the workers who make them rich so that they and their stock holders can get richer off the workers sweat, tears and blood.

I will be sharing the story of the courageous Tai Yi workers with my friends and associates and asking that they support this just struggle.

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