General, You Lied
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General, You Lied

By LAHPAI NANG-KAI Friday, January 13, 2012

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No statement of sympathy or solidarity with the suffering internally displaced persons (IDPs). No appeals made to international organizations or governments for humanitarian assistance on their behalf. Mere platitudes like the need to end hostilities in ethnic areas, and offers to mediate are of no help when the aggressor, the instigator of this genocidal war is not identified and condemned.

Where is her much touted fairness or moral courage? When the NLD did finally offer aid, following the lead of the Rangoon-based private charity group Free Funeral Service, it was a case of too little, too late. What the Lady seems to fail to understand is that this current onslaught is not just a war against the KIA, but a war against the Kachin people as a whole. The Kachins see this as a war of survival. How can she hope to rally the Kachins behind her after this? The Kachins have been burned so often, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to put this latest betrayal behind them and learn to trust and cooperate with the Bamas again.

Historically, we Kachins have always been fiercely independent. The Burmese kings never had any jurisdiction over the Kachins. Whatever relationship the Kachins had with the Bamas was one of military alliance, never of sovereign and subject. It is well documented that the Daihpa Duwa of Hukawng and his followers fought valiantly alongside the great Maha Bandoola in the Burmese-Assam War and the First Anglo-Burmese War. The Duwa so distinguished himself that the king conferred upon him the Thiha Thura and Letya Kyaw Htin awards. These awards and ceremonial swords remain in the possession of his descendants to this day.

Discussion among Kachins in cyberspace is getting louder and louder for outright independence, not just mere federalism. Whether that is a pragmatic goal to pursue is open to debate. Federalism, which is anathema to the present government as it had been to previous military regimes, would be an equally elusive goal. It would seem that we Kachins do not have many good choices.

The KIO has now agreed to enter into talks with President Thein Sein’s delegation. It is the right thing to do, as it demonstrates that the KIO is a reasonable organization, not a war monger, and it is in keeping with the KIO’s long standing affirmation that it is open to genuine political dialogue. The KIO would be well served to strategize, to identify the government’s Achilles heel—be it international opinion, fear of Chinese hegemony, discord within the army/civilian leadership, or some other factor—and use it to its best advantage.

Whether the talks will lead to a just and peaceful resolution remains to be seen. Our best hope is that there will not be a replay of Sai Seng Mong’s song, that President Thein Sein does not turn out to be just another general who lied.

The author of this article is an outside contributor and the opinions expressed here are her own.

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home Wrote:
so you think assk is going to get into the "parlament" and then suddenly the war is over? that is very naive....

ASSK is going to be elected into a fake "parlament" but thats just the governments way of pleasing the west without actually loosing any power...

do you think the same government that kills civilians allows real democratic reform with themselves loosing power?

Maung Maung Gyi Wrote:
God sees the truth, but waits.

U Raw Gam Wrote:
Dear Home, she needs her party registration, her party to win and to penetrate to the present Governing mechanism. She knows very well the mindset of the former Generals, She just can not afford to irritate them during this time. But, we Kachins have to move on for our God' given rights. Government must understand that present military action will not produce any positive results. It has been a big mistake.

Ba Maung Wrote:
of course she really cares about not only Kachine but also for other ethnics. But there are lots of things to do for her. Everybody knows what is happening in your state. Thats one of the government strategies to attack Kachin state to draw attention away from other important things. Another thing is thats how they want you to see like that on Daw Aung San Su Kyi. They want to see conflict between her and you Kachin people. Don't strong and never give up! Good things will come for Kachin soon. Ofcourse,a ll the ministers from foreign countries also know about what is happening in Kachin state. They are not idiots. But they are trying to go step by step. You guys gotta be patient. Dont' forget DASSK didn't start that war and she is not a super woman. by the way, are you guys government spies? :).

home Wrote:
very good article ... something that really confuses me...why is assk keeping quiet about the kachin war? now that she is in constant contact with the west she has such a good chance to put pressure on the government by telling everyone in the west that they are still murderers but she just keeps quiet...

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