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Thursday, June 20, 2024

People's Desire

By HARN LAY / THE IRRAWADDY Friday, December 23, 2011


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Oxonian Wrote:
This is such a positive thing for the great new year. Thanks U HarnLay

kk Wrote:
its enough. we have been tricked again and again. people, wake up!. Don't you see what is behind?

Luca ranado Wrote:
The current nation Constitution needs to be totally abolished and redrawn by the people representatives noting full well that the power lies in the peoples hands and not in the hands and minds of the tatmadaw. the tatmadaw must go back to baracks and take orders fron the elected government. Not from bloody dictator than shwe who must be tried in the Haag soon.

Luca Ranado Wrote:
Tatmadaw Constitution for Disciplined Democracy in Burma

1. 25% of seats in both the upper and lower houses of the parliament are designated for tatmadaw member appointed by the supreme commander.
2. The tatmadaw bear responsibility for "safeguarding the State Constitution." That principle could be invoked at any time to prevent amendments that the military sees as inimical to its interests. The Chief of Staff and the army will be above the state judiciary system, and can manipulate it as they choose; imposing martial law and ousting the civilian administration if it is deemed to pose a threat to national security. The military is vested with veto power to declare a state of emergency virtually anytime it wants without parliamentary oversight and dissolve the parliament.
3. The principles also guarantee the military a place in the executive branch as the President will be elected only after the military's approval. The President is to be invested with enormous power and will work in

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