Suu Kyi 'Satisfied' with Thein Sein Talks
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Suu Kyi 'Satisfied' with Thein Sein Talks

By WAI MOE Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aung San Suu Kyi exchanges smiles with Burma’s Border Affairs Minister Maj-Gen Thein Htay (right) during an economic development forum in Naypyidaw on Saturday. (PHOTO: AP)

Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is satisfied with her first meeting and talks with President Thein Sein.

Before leaving Naypyidaw on Saturday, Suu Kyi told reporters at the government workshop that she was "happy and satisfied" with her first meetings with Thein Sein on Friday. She added she hoped to meet again with Thein Sein, according to reporters in Naypyidaw.

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Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Saturday, Khun Thar Myint, who was responsible for Suu Kyi’s security during her first visit to Burmese capital Naypyidaw, said that Suu Kyi had left Naypyidaw at around 11am after attending the second day of a government workshop on economic development.

Khun Thar Myint said that, at the workshop, Suu Kyi met and spoke to: Minister for Border Affairs and for National Industrial Development Maj-Gen Thein Htay; Minister for Industry 1 and 2 former Vice Admiral Soe Thein; Minister for Railway Transportation ex-Maj-Gen Aung Min; and Minister for Labor and for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement ex-Maj-Gen Aung Kyi.

Suu Kyi’s aide said Suu Kyi exchanged friendly conversations with the ministers during a break at the workshop.

A government source who spoke on conditional of anonymity said that government officials who met with Suu Kyi in Naypyidaw were also pleased with their meeting with the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

During Suu Kyi’s one-hour dialogue with Thein Sein on Friday afternoon, she requested a meeting with Snr-Gen Than Shwe and Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, the government source said, adding he thought “it was a good approach.”

However, he did not provide further details of the discussions.

Burmese state broadcasts on Friday evening and state newspapers on Saturday reported about Suu Kyi’s meeting with Thein Sein, and showed pictures and footage of the two posing for a photo shoot beneath a picture of Suu Kyi’s father, Gen Aung San, Burma’s independence hero and founder of the Burmese armed forces.

“The president and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi tried to find out the potential common grounds to cooperate in interests of the nation and the people putting aside different views,” The New Light of Myanmar reported on Saturday. 

Saturday’s newspapers also reported that Thein Sein had conducted a religious ceremony which included planting a banyan tree in Naypyidaw on Friday morning before Suu Kyi’s arrival.

At the ceremony, Thein Sein attended alongside Second Vice President Sai Mauk Khan, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services Lt-Gen Soe Win, and ministers including ex-Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan, ex-Brig-Gen Thein Nyunt, and Maj-Gen Aung Min, according to the state-run media.

However, First Vice President ex-Gen Tin Aung Myint Oo and Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services Gen Min Aung Hlaing were not present at the president’s banyan tree ceremony.

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Zeya Min Wrote:
No doubt I have all respect for Daw Suu. But she just seems too soft and spineless to touch on tough issues of the country. She needs to have better advisers around her in stead of old, back-ward, culturally insensitive guys.

Jasmine Tan Wrote:
(1)never mind,Myanmar can go ahead without Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo(may be much easier)and General Min Aung Hlaing's absent is seen as normal from my own point of view(Defense Chief cannot be everywhere and he has many things to do).
(2)as long as I can see DR.U Myint's face in such meetings,it is like an "ISO:9000" for the Legitimacy of the new Government.But, whenever i saw Mr.Khin Shwe(i cannot call him Dr.Khin Shwe,because his Doctorate was not an educational/vocational one.I'd seen many "Doctors" in Myanmar's Palmistry and Astrology Sector to who we called Fortune-tellers in English.Khin Shwe's Doctorate is more or less the same)face in such Seminar, Legitimacy of the new Government is very suspicious and doubtful(everyone in Myanmar and all expatriates in Myanmar know him as Mr.Opportunist since former General Khin Nyunt's sunny days as The Prime Minister.

Charlie Thein Shwe Wrote:
It may be a good cop - bad cop tricks..
It may be real splits on top..
Whatever it is..our lady should grab the opportunity. many have criticized her for not taking the the opportunities when it comes....She (and we) must help the people on the soft side win...Hardliner liners are there watching the situation..they will be more than happy if the path taken by softliners doesn't be wise..lets help the softliners them the results they need..don't be idiot..don't talk about the past and changes..changes will come gradually..not in a single day..never..if you believe in god..see how long Gods needs to change people behaviour (system).

Moe Aung Wrote:

John Lennon's Imagine ironically seemed like a death wish in the end.

Platitudes are cheap. Practical solutions are dear and complicated. It's easy to squabble, hard to reconcile.

Imagine if the military yoke is got rid of for once and for all.

Imagine if Maha Bama chauvinism can no longer hold its ugly head proud. Time we laid our imperial ghost to rest.

Imagine if genuine peace breaks out with no nefarious designs to keep us all down including the Bama majority.

Imagine the kind of future where we can all fulfill our genetic physical, intellectual and creative potential.

First things first. Military rule in all guises must end.

Sinyethar Wrote:
Imagine if ASSK and Thein Sein worked together.

Imagine if the country supported the civilian government.

Imagine if sanctions were lifted and the economy grew.

Imagine if prosperity lifted the standard of living for everyone.

Imagine if stability allowed us to focus on ethnic rights and equality.

Now imagine if we keep squabbling, accusing each other, sabotaging so the other side doesn't win, holding on to suspicions, so that there is no progress.

Which road will you follow? And what kind of future do you want for your children?

Moe Aung Wrote:
Ta Tut,

One can understand your frustration. You would do well to look to some other leader who would not beat around the bush for so long and fight with one arm tied behind the back when the generals believe in a no holds barred contest. No point tarring the entire Burmese race with the same brush coz you will never pull it off on your own without the majority Burmese on side, 17 armies or more lol.


Yeah right. We should never have fought for independence and waited till the British judged us fit for freedom so we could have enjoyed the status of their dominions or at least joined the Commonwealth. Oops, you are showing a yellow streak down your belly and what, no spine?


No one whatever their stature should be beyond criticism. People should grow up and rise above personality cults and hero worship. We are not trying to replace one authoritarian system with another no matter how popular. The Buddha himself invited investigation and questioning of any of his teachings.

Hero iron Wrote:
I am really glad that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had the satisfied meeting with General Thein Sein; however, we don't know exactly the reason why Daw she was satisfied for her meeting with Thein Sein; then, we don't the vital her talks whether it is comprehensive key of ethnic rights or not.

George Than Setkyar Heine Wrote:
This is NO MORE THAN A PUBLIC RELATIONS stunt on the part of Thein Sein I say. Of course Daw Suu would be DIPLOMATIC as well in this case.

She certainly knows HOW TO FIND HER WAY in this POLITICAL JUNGLE as well trust me.
Than Shwe/Thein Sein still NEEDS her in their political game no doubt.

Now Daw Suu has all armed ethnic groups and people of Burma standing tall behind her today.

And this calls for Thein Sein to exercise DIVIDE and CONQUER strategy no less.

If this proved FUTILE then ELIMINATION would be the FINAL SOLUTION for that matter trust me.

Than Shwe/Hu Jintao would not LET Daw Suu and her ethnic brethren HAVE THEIR DAY/SAY in Burma.


Naing Wrote:
It's only through love and sincerity you can attain peace and tranquility. May Buddha be with us.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Political assassination is murder. Pure and simple. Whatever anyone thinks of any politician, love or loathe, he or she must not commit murder.

It is a fundamental duty of government to protect EVERY person, political or not.
Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but that is no ground to kill anyone.

Venus Wrote:
Feel some fear and recall those days when General Khin Nyunt , Pha Htee Saw Bo Mya, and Daw Su were about to have peace talk, what happened.

I'm afraid another house arrest for the President soon or forced to retire due to socall unfit health condition???

P FRANK Wrote:
This is came to my mind last night that these guys(Regime)immediate changing mood and attitude is a little bit funny and I want to remind Daw ASSK that there are some hard liner like T A Myint U and U Thauns ...can conspire the style of John Lennon assassination. So what she has to do is always keep changing even own bodyguards and travelling route up side down. Never sit in the symbol car always use but try to change the car time by time.

At the same time always remember one thing that more that 2000 in the Jail and as to produce the Amnesty Law?

P Frank

Kyaw Kyaw Maung Wrote:
I am happy to see the progress making on both side. Time has come to stop this accusation and counter attack for the sake of our Mother Land. Think what we can do for our Mother Land not what she can do for us. Don't forget the people back home who lived in poverty and despair just because we are out of the country living in freedom and some living on benefits and handout. Give both part a chance to rebuild the country. Help and pray the country grow.

Ta Tut Wrote:
U Rosy, You don't need to worry lol. I guess Gov will never kill DASSK coz she is the key to whole all Burmese democracy active people lol. When she is alive and she can't do anything but release statement which is all useless things. So the other guys can't pass her but to follow her and wait for many years. Burmese gov have been holding the young guys for 20 years by let DASSK live lol. So don't worry for her. She's gona be long long live. :P

Terrence Wrote:
I am surprised by some of the impugnable comments on persons of great stature like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her father, General Aung San. Have you ever provided leadership to the disillusioned Burmese people? Have you ever contributed anything to the welfare of the suffering people? Have you ever imagined putting yourself in her shoes first? It seems like the sacrifices they made and suffered for the people had been quite immaterial for some people. It is just unbelievable how narrow-minded people can be. I can only hope that the kind of discord I see here is not widespread in our nation. Otherwise, the Burmese will still be ruled by these military thugs with violence and intimidation for a long time and exploited by the neighbouring countries with impunity and disdain.

Phyo Oo Wrote:
Well. We will wait and see what Thein Sein's plan is. We saw Daw Aung San Suu Kyi attended "Family Dinner" with Than Shwe, Maung Aye and Khin Nyunt. Then we witnessed a deadly attack on Suu Kyi's political tour and killed unspecified number of her supporters (estimated about 100 people were killed). Then Than Shew's group which includes Thein Sein put her under house arrest for another lengthy term. This time, it is only a "talk" with Thein Sein, not even a happy "Family dinner" and not with the ones who really hold powers. Question: Why did Than Shwe choose Thein Sein to take over if he is such a reformist? Surely, if Than Shew wants to reform the system, why didn't he do it himself and take the money (in facts, billions of dollars) he stole from the country as well as the credit for "reforming the system"?

U Rosy Wrote:
Orr Why she was happy to see them? Any detail? Daw Suu Kyi, Don't you think it is too early to be happy to meet with these guys? don't forget ethnic nationality issues and human rights violation by these government troops?

Wish you well after eating foods provided by the government during the talk because many ethnic leaders got sick and suffered from some forms of cancer after having dinner with Khin Nyunt initiated peace talk meeting.

Terry Evans Wrote:
The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.

Tide Wrote:
Well..Daw Suu alias Daw Wait-See once again slaps the faces of her long-time faithful followers overseas and in the country. How come Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi and the group never gets acknowledged "by addressing names"? Why is Moe The Zun never mentioned in her speeches? What about Naing Aung and Khin Ohn Mar? What about those prominent so-called leaders and beggars (always asking for hand-out from Western governments)? How come Daw Wait-See never acknowledges the role of Irrawaddy and its team effort in the democracy movement? At least woman to woman, Cynthia Maung should be respectfully acknowledged and honored by Daw Wait See if she really claims to be the leader of the movement. Why is the government treating her with privileges? Of course, she is trying to show off the NLD break-away guys that she is the only one who can reach the top. That's her stupid and canning habit. People - be open-minded! You don't worship her. You are supposed to look into her policy. So far, Suu Kyi has not adopted any doable policy.

Hue Wrote:
A list of ministers and generals, times, and locations... no commentary or analysis. Did you copy/paste this from New Light of Myanmar?

Myint Thein, Dallas Wrote:
Unless ASSK/NLD delineates an effective political strategy, they will become a NGO (National League for Dialogue). This is the intent of Thein Sein inviting ASSK for a personal visit. It is part of ThaKhoe Than Shwe's plan to destroy NLD as a political party.

Tom Lantos Burma Freedom Act has three main requirements. 1) Release of ASSK, 2) Release of all political prisoners and 3)Negotiated political settlement which must include Ethnic Resistance Armies. This is US law and removal of American sanctions requires full & complete compliance with all three conditions.

Oo Maung gyi Wrote:
If present government cooperate with real sincerity and work hand in hand with ASSK Burma will become prosperous nation again.
Since Aung San Suu Kyi wants to meet Snr General Than Shwe and Vice Snr. General Maung Aye, it should allow her to meet thyem and find out how to solve the country's existing problems such as political prisoners to release, fighting with ethnic groups to be immediately stop. Then creation of National unity and National Government.

Oo Maung gyi Wrote:
Starting point is very good to say, but require to release all political prisoners. To from NATIONAL GOVERNMENT inclusive of ethnic groups and DASSK is essential so that it will make international relation perfect. US, EU and Asean will cooperate fully with Myanmar National Government.

luusoelay Wrote:
It is important to see the portrait of our founding father hanging on the wall. But still too early to say regime is heading to right direction.

As I always predicted that A S Suukyi will never get the power the junta will never give her the power to dictate them. They will dictate her. This is what they are doing now. She is at the mercy of the army, no doubt what is on the political stage now in Myanmar.

There will never be a true democracy until late 21st century (i.e. after 2050) if you study the true history of Burma independence A S Suukyi's father Gen Aung Sun was never had been a real cause of independence. He became Hero because he was assassinated early. It was the mercy of British Government (PM Churchill) decided to give the independence to Burma which was advised by President Gen Eisenhower and Field Marshall Montgomery in Britain during the threat of Hitler invasion into UK.( Ref. Struggle for Independence by Prof. Hugh Tinker, Oxford). They said Burma took independence too early before the country developed further. Burma could be like Canada or Australia by now if we waited for another five to ten years.

Dave Wrote:
I'm so very happy that this is even happening. I'll be unpolitical, reserve judgment and just be happy... for the next day or so.

thetzaw Wrote:
What a amazing photo (General Aung San) at the wall of meeting place which was removed since more than 15 years ago

Ta Tut Wrote:
Oh! Now she is satisfied with those jerks. Ha! What a surprise lol. Actually not surprise at all. Coz Burmese are just Burmese. When they got power they forget the supporter lol. Just look at "OH NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER DAW AUNG SAN SU KYI" the daughter of what so call NATIONAL HERO GENERAL AUNG SAN. Oh well Ethnic people, what was the point in supporting DASSK. HA! Just like the generals lol. Tar Tar!!!

Moe Aung Wrote:
Smart guys. Wooing ASSK and possible co-optation definitely their new strategy. Would be interesting to see how successful they are gonna be in this direction.

Will they manage to water down her demands, which I doubt, or will they offer her a position she finds difficult to say no to, ostensibly to enable her to achieve certain objectives?

The old saying is thieves sharing their deadly risk in their unscrupulous designs. Will their nefarious stench rub off on her?

They are certainly buying time and consolidating 'civilian' rule. Watch this space.

Nyunt Shwe Wrote:
So far, so good, but Lao Tzu's word of wisdom: He/she who trust not enough will not be trusted!! Wait and See. The answer could surface within six months or so, I guess!!

Maung Maung Wrote:
Good news, but we must not be taken over completely with ASSK-Thein Sein meeting. It's just the prelude and the government is trying to improve its image by using Daw ASSK. We must wait for the official meeting and substantive talks.

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