Burma's Vice-President Implicated in Kachin Massacres
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Burma's Vice-President Implicated in Kachin Massacres

By BA KAUNG Friday, July 15, 2011

In Jan. 2006, a mass funeral took place in Kutkai in southern Muse Township in Shan State for KIA soldiers and civilians allegedly murdered by the Burmese army. (Photo:KIA)

Burma's Vice President Tin Aung Myint Oo should be investigated by a United Nations' Commission of Inquiry for his role as regional commander during a series of brutal massacres in Shan State, says the leadership of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). 

In interviews conducted last week with The Irrawaddy at their military headquarters in Laiza, Kachin State, three of the influential leaders of the KIA—Brig-Gen James Lum Dung, Brig-Gen Gun Maw, and Col. Zau Raw—laid out detailed reports with maps and photographs that they said proves conclusively that the Burmese army committed atrocities against Kachin soldiers and civilians over the past 10 years. 

The first and second of these massacres, according to the KIA, came in 2001 under the watch of Burma's new vice-president who was Northeast Regional Commander at that time.  

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Asked why evidence of such atrocities had never before been reported, the KIA leaders said that they had not publicized the massacres to avoid destroying the fragile political process during the 17-year ceasefire and while the constitution was being drafted.  

Collectively and individually, the KIA leaders said that now that the ceasefire has been broken by the Burmese army, and that all hope of political negotiation has broken down, the KIA wants to present its allegations to the UN, and claims that the four mass killings and three summary executions constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

According to the KIA's documentation, which is written in Kachin language, the first incident occurred in March 2001, in the countryside a few kilometers from Lau Jai village in Mung Si District, which is in Muse Township in northern Shan State.  

The area was at the time openly under the control of the KIA. At 9 am on March 22, four KIA soldiers on patrol came across a unit of approximately 100 Burmese infantry troops of Battalion 242 led by Maj. Khin Maung Hla, the commander of Kutkai Military Command in Muse. 

Initially, the Burmese patrol requested the KIA soldiers to guide them to the village of Shauk Haw. Before reaching the village, the four Kachin soldiers were attacked, disarmed and tied up. At around 2 pm, they were all shot dead. Their bodies were half-buried on top of each other in a shallow grave in the forest. 

The KIA recovered the corpses one month later. They recorded the deceased as: Sergeant Zatau Dau Hawng, and private soldiers Laphai Zau Bawk, Dashi Nawng Hkum and Kareng Tu Lum. The KIA report says a formal funeral was held for the four on April 22, 2001.  

On the same day, a harrowing scene was played out at a small agricultural farm in Mung Si District in Shan State. The KIA report lists the plot in the hamlet of Nawng Tau Si Sa Pa, and says the farm was run by the KIA's 2,000-strong Brigade 4, as part of a regional development program initiated after the ceasefire in 1994. 

It is alleged that a column of 70 Burmese troops approached the farm and requested a meeting with Second Lieutenant Hpuwang Naw Seng of the KIA. However, as Naw Seng was otherwise engaged, the KIA's Warrant Officer Lt. Gam Seng went out to meet the Burmese unit which was led by Lt. Col. Nyo Win from Light Infantry Battalion 242—the very same unit accused of involvement in the executions in Muse.  

As soon as Gam Seng came before the Burmese troops, he was allegedly grabbed and tied up. Simultaneously, Burmese government troops broke into the farmhouse and arrested five KIA soldiers, including Naw Seng, and two civilians.  

According to the KIA records, the captives were taken to a nearby forest and physically tortured throughout the night. They were all dead by the following morning. 

Some weeks later, the KIA recovered the seven bodies in a swamp. Each had multiple stab wounds, which the KIA said were inflicted by bayonets. Each of the bodies showed evidence of burning to the genitals. On some trees nearby, the KIA found samples of the victims' hair mixed with blood.

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Ta Tut Wrote:
Ray do gov have the evidence to support that KIO/A commit the same thing? I would like to see the evidence of your proposal and after KIO/A would really happy to apologize to Barman Gov.

To Justin Bomber. You are in the wrong room dawg. Here is hints for you to realize the reality. Go to the bath room, wash your face, stand in front of the mirror, think about you have you medicine for today. That will help you. Do not thank for the help, I am busy. :P

Bur Wrote:
To JustinBomber & Ray

I mean do you guys know that happened when Gov signed a ceasefire with KIA for already 7 years past? and also 10 years before the agreement broke by Burmese Army. I think you two don't know much about Burma.

ChinFreedom Wrote:
After many decades of digging for political solutions in Burma, the only plausible one is to paralyze Burman's army militarization in ethnic regions and dissolve the union. The very ideology "we will get prosperity only if we are in union form" is totally wrong. Only if we all live independently, we will be able to pave a better way for ourselves. There is no single reason why ethnic peoples should join union with Burmans. Think carefully and come back to your sense. Our ethnic countries will be far more prosperous if we live independently.

Thiri Wrote:
Myeik Island, Muse and Depeyin Massacres must be thoroughly investigated and all those responsible must be punished according to law.

Ray Wrote:
While the war crimes committed by the government troops are undeniable, ethnic groups are committing the same crimes as well. Therefore, this article is just a very one sided article.

Taungpaw Kachin Wrote:
It is wrong to hate a Burman as we also are seeing Burmans around us suffering as well as we do. Burmans themselves are not free yet. Now it the time to send unanimous dislike towards Burmese Military lead by Than Shwe, Maung Aye, Shit Lone, Min Ag Hlaing, etc...All majority Burmans should realize by now that only if Burmese Military stop colonizing ethnic regions and free ethnic nationalities, they Burmans themselves will be free and head towards a prosperous and peaceful future. Before Kachins are calling for a federal union, now, given all the circumstances, "Kachin Independent Land" is the best solution. The calls for freedom is getting louder from Khakaborazi to Kaw Taung!!!!!!!!!

Mualcin Wrote:
All members from Thein Sein's government are criminals. Tin Aung Myint Oo is one of them. Thein Sein's rule smells like rotten fish.

malihkrang Wrote:
Full video of Kachin Massacres under command of Burma's Vice President Tin Aung Myint Oo:

Part One:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww9IqSoMunc

Part Two:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSUtkS_DP4g

Part Three:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK-hfY8EQFs

JustinBomber Wrote:
Bigger question lies behind all the surfaced news. The impression given by this article that the Kachin ARMED group is being bullied by the Burmese ARMED group which make a absolute nonsense of unfair treatment between two ARMED groups.
I can't find much reason to complain from both side.
Tangible solutions disregarded by one side to be honest.
If we can always find good reason to complain for all our unhappy fortunes I'd really wish that i was born an ethnic minority in that country.
Because they are always given handicap for just being a minority regardless of what they stand for.
Media always turn around the justification…… Sadly... here we go again

George Than Setkyar Heine Wrote:
Best bet for the KIA is keep the records STRAIGHT and SECURE.
They will come in handy when the JUDGMENT DAY - UN Commission of Inquiry - comes for Tin Aung Myint Oo, Myint Hlaing and the rest at Naypyidaw sooner than you think.
However, I take my hat off for Kachin's PERSEVERANCE shown all these years while their brethren were SLAUGHTERED by the BUTCHER and his ilk in their own land as well.
Don't worry Than Shwe will head the others in the ROGUES GALLERY at the ICC in The Hague when the UN gets to work and grill the MASS/MONK MURDERERS.

P FRANK Wrote:
Since the Military Junta in power there are so many Military operations against ethnics in Burma.
WHEN THE MASS KILLING IN KOSOVO, NATO use the UN and produce the new law/acts called ETHNIC CLEANSING then took the unilateral action against SERVIANS to protct the Armanians. So the question is where is the UK/US and Nato now? There are same Ethnic cleansing scenario against KARENS in BURMA.
US's Human right issues are not enough to stop these things and only Unilateral Action is needed. NLD please call UN to produce the next UNILATERAL ACTION in Burm to avoid the Nasty Chinese and Russians can't VETO in UN's coffe meetings.

deiwar Wrote:
There have been plenty more of such atrocities perpetrated by Burmese armies.
It is time evidence were revealed and COI formed so that those responsible for such inhumane cruelty be punished.

brangtut Wrote:
??????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????. ????? ???????????? ?????????????? ????????????? ??????? ?????????????. ??????????????? ?????????????.

John Wrote:
Burmans can wait and have patience, when freedom finally comes, they will still be Burmans and have their culture, language and their lifestyle. For the Non-Burman it's a different matter. Their society, their families, their villages are being destroyed. Their languages and cultures are in danger of disappearing and the regime is trying to 'burmanize' them forcefully. Another 20 years, another lost generation and they might not be able anymore to rebuild their societies and their nations.

NL Wrote:
Thanks you Ko Ba Kaung and irrawaddy for speak out the truths. The human rights violation by the Burmese Army on the Civilian are a lot too in the past and now. The Burmese are commit the Crime against Humanity and violate the Geneva Convention. We can not tolerant anymore the Burmese Government are lying all the time.

Oo Maung Gyim Wrote:
Bama army cruelty and atrocity is incomparable. Bowdaw Oo Wine killed Arakanese peoples not less than 300,000 in those days of Arakan king was attacked by Maung Wine and occupied by Bama. This was a historical fact. I do not want to write more about it, I have many document written by an Arakanese monk who is a hostorian. This kind of bad tradition is still practicing in Bama army is too bad. How Bama leadership will make national unity? It is a question in morden days.

Taungpaw Kachin Wrote:
These are just documented crimes against Kachins in Northern Shan State. There are numerous stories being told elsewhere in Kachinland whenever I went there. The heartaches of the fathers, the tears of the widows, the pains of the mothers will not be neglected anymore. People' power and morale will soon transform our lands to bring about justice and peace!!

Zaw Zaw Wrote:
Kachin people have run out of patience and tolerance of Burmese Military Cruelness and act of crime against humanity. What can we hope or expect from Burmese Government? That is too much enough for sacrificed by the KIA soldiers who were arbitrarily torture and killed inhumanly. That’s too much enough; if it’s happen again mean KIO/KIA and Kachin people are dump and idiots.

Myint Myat Twe Wrote:
KIO is clever like a dove and poisonate like a snake, it is really good time for KIO and others ethnic groups, but becarefull the regime have black magicians.

Saw Dennis Wrote:
It is amazing that the KIO/KIA had tolerated such injustices for so long, with the hope of gaining the rights of the Kachin, as a people, through the so-called National Convention, which was just a farce set up by the dictatorship to hoodwink the international community. I don't blame entirely the KIO/KIA for hoping to get justice from their Nazi-like oppressors, the criminal regime. The foreign NGOs, braining washing them into collaboration with one of the worst criminal regimes in the world, must be held responsible. These NGOs are culpable for the atrocities committed by the Burmese army. Surprisingly, these NGOs are still behaving as if they know the best for the KIO/KIA and the Kachin people. They are persisting in the effort to persuade the KIO/KIA to cooperate with the current puppet regime, which is following the same policy and program of the dictatorship to restore the feudal system of the Burman kings/warlords. It is time all the Non-Burman indigenous ethnic nationalities stand up firmly together.

Mualcin Wrote:
Well! My brothers and sisters got cheated by the Burmans again and again and again and again. Sa Boi Jun betrayed his own people and Burmans take chances. Kachins have lost too much.

Jinghpaw Wrote:
One day, Burmese soldiers and Burmese people will suffer as Kachin. Burmese people could disappear because of their unacceptable behaviors. God will punish them.

Kachin will raise again as an independent Nation which will practice as a human being.

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