Than Shwe Officially Dissolves Junta
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Than Shwe Officially Dissolves Junta

By WAI MOE Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snr-Gen Than Shwe (left) greets guests at a state dinner for Armed Forces Day in Naypyidaw on Sunday. (Photo:AP)

Burma's military junta, which seized power in a 1988 coup, no longer officially exists following the new “Union Government” being sworn in on Wednesday morning, state media announced.

MRTV said on Wednesday that regime supremo Snr-Gen Than Shwe had signed into effect the dissolution of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). Alongside the SPDC, other state /division level, district level, township level and ward/ village level Peace and Development Council offices have been dissolved and ordered to close by the Burmese dictator.

The move coincided with President Thein Sein’s announcement of all the appointed ministers to the new government. According to MRTV, Maj-Gen Hla Min is the new minister of defense, Lt-Gen Ko Ko is minister of home affairs, Maj-Gen Thein Htay has been appointed as both minister of border affairs and minister of national industrial development, while ex-military officer Wanna Maung Lwin has been assigned the role of foreign minister.

Under the 2008 constitution, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces has the authority to appoint the ministers of defense, home affairs, and border affairs.

On Wednesday, military sources in Naypyidaw said Gen Min Aung Hlaing, currently the joint chief of staff (army, navy, air force), will be appointed Than Shwe's successor as commander-in-chief of the Tatmadaw [armed forces], confirming previous speculation among many military observers.

Although the SPDC may officially have ceased to exist, military sources said that Than Shwe and top junta officials—such as Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, ex-Gen Shwe Mann (current Lower House speaker), ex-Gen Thein Sein (current president), ex-Gen Tin Aung Myint Oo (current vice-president), ex Lt-Gen Tin Aye (current Union Election Commission chairman) and Min Aung Hlaing—through their power within the “Supreme Council,” will continue to be the de facto leaders of the country.

Like the North Korean model, Than Shwe will be de facto head of state of the Republic of Union of Myanmar like Kim Jong Il, while President Thein Sein will be de jure head of state like Kim Yong Nam, the sources said.

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Ursus Wrote:
Yes, it must be Than Schwe's Western friend, the German Ambassador! Angela Merkel told him to attend the ceremony!

shwe moe Wrote:
Who is the foreign dignitary attending the State Dinner at the Armed Force day at Naypyidaw? Either the situation in Myanmar is so foreign to his country or they are equally evil.

Bwanyunt Wrote:
In view of Than Shwe, you're all useless, never change attitude huh.

Let's welcome the new government, even you do not like. Wake up from dream & face reality. If you're oversea Myanmar, so sorry, you're out of the ring during competition. What can you do? Can you talk to Thein Sein to step down?

DASSK & NLD missed many chances. People inside Myanmar well understood that Junta worried the most is contesting of NLD in election. There was a chance of repeating 1990 results or better one. I voted NLD then. What a waste! NLD set a model by showing undemocratic move. Now NLD is in a rubbish bin with Win Tin, Tin Oo. Kyaw Thu's group is better than NLD. Surviving! I ask Kyaw Thu to form party & vote for him for people's interest. Now NLD is waiting Egypt style democracy? or Libya style democracy? You choose & continue sleeping in dream!! But please do not let innocent people to die for you.

BTW, I'm not a Junta supporter & just love to appreciate reality only.

Ursus Wrote:
The random white guy? I wonder too, but it seems that nobody knows anything! It must be the German ambassador!

reader Wrote:
There's no points changing the brand names and the hardware of a computer if the the installed softwares are the same. The People must get rid of this old computer for good and set up a new,reliable and effective machine which can satisfy people's needs.

Kerry Wrote:
Yes I wondered about the random white guy too...

Kyaik-ka-san Wrote:

After more than 7 year’s preparation "discipline flourishing democracy government” was finally sworn in. No wonder why sanctions were not lifted because almost entire stuffs are old guys. Therefore, habitual killing, bullying, intimidation, torturing, raping, child soldier and women/drug trafficking are still holing.

So long as these generals and cronies are staying, 50 mil Burmese will be continue suffering. Past 50 years the generals and cronies know only pocketed billion of national revenue but do not want to drop Burma from the "least-developed" tag. Naypyidaw is busying focused on sex industry but not in developing program.

However, one thing good is that the ICC doesn’t need to make a special roll-call for the War Crimes in Burma. The Parliament and discipline government have served this purpose and compiled a complete name lists that led by Than Shwe.

Oo Maung gyi Wrote:
With effect from tomorrow ( 1-4-2011 ) General Than Shwe power has been distributed to many peoples in fact he is the supreme dictator of the country the rest generals and ex-generals are puppet. This pattern has copied from North Korea and Iran where as Kim Jong Il and Ayatollah Khamine are the supreme in their respective country. This kind of formation of the government is look like gang star or robber group or mafia group within Burma established to rob peoples properties and birth rights. How can create extra constitution body to govern and command the whole country, that mean not necessary to have constitution. These group is thinking through the point of gun, they can hold the power for ever, but they forget what is happening now in Libya and middle
east. They thought they will never die or they think that public is like a doll they can shape what ever they want. But they have no knowledge of far sighted thinking power so it is the last breathing moment and digging grave yard.

Chin Lay Wrote:
I wish Than Shwe truthfully dissolve SPDC. However, it is still far from the truth. Thein Sein and other military personnel should better stay out of this civilian government. Even if they want to compete, they must clear themselves from SPDC and its branches. Now, Thein Sein may not be the true President because Than Shwe still puts himself President of Thein Sein. Thein Sein is like a lion without teeth.

Maung Tin Wrote:
Who's the random white guy standing behind them?

Mualcin Wrote:
But Than Shwe did not dissolve himself. Why? He must step down completely.

Myint Myat Twe Wrote:
Changing flag, changing dress, changing name but never change men, never change power , never change to trust people,

It is just apart of scenario usually they love to play, Burmese people will be more than another 20 years under new regime but old dictator style, really painful for the future.

zulumango Wrote:
Hi Than Shwe,

Take care of your health. Your face looks puffy and your hair looks nicely dyed. However, abbreviated word for Burma never sounds good as before. Slorc [slog], SPDC [speedy con] Now it is Rum. Might as well be Rumbo because it is run by a group of bo [army officers]. During Ne Win's time it was Srub [Socialist republic of the Union of Burma]

Kyaw Wrote:
Burma is not North Korea.

The President is the President of Burma, no other guys. A dream to copy Kim il Sung will vanish away soon.

This is multiparty democratic country, not a savage communist country.

Kerry Wrote:
From SLORC to... eternity?

Names, shmames... it is still a brutal laughing-stock.

Some sad places still have 'geriatric, lunatic and other sundry leaders-for-life (and family members) ignobly clinging to office like old chewing gum' (JN) ... to the mounting dismay and horror of the modern world.

Time for change, less kidnappings of courageous writers and comedians... and more 21st C humanity.

Terry Evans Wrote:
The single biggest problem is the illusion that it has taken place.

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