Thein Sein Set to Be New President
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Thein Sein Set to Be New President

By WAI MOE Monday, January 31, 2011

Thein Sein sits during the 8th ASEAN-India Summit meeting on the sidelines of the 17th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, Oct. 30, 2010. (Photo: AP)

Leaked information from Naypyidaw on Monday evening suggested that junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe had chosen Prime Minister ex-Gen Thein Sein to be the new president of Burma.

Thein Sein, who retired from the army in April to lead the junta’s proxy party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party, is Than Shwe’s longterm friend and close aide.

Military sources in Naypyidaw said Thein Sein is described among military officials as “Mr. Clean,” as he is much less corrupt than other generals, such as ex-Gen Shwe Mann and ex-Gen Tin Aung Myint Oo.

Thein Sein, 65, graduated from the elite military school, Defense Services Academy (DSA) Intake 9 in 1968 along with another top junta official, ex Lt-Gen Tin Aye, who many predict could also be in a high-ranking position in the incoming government.

In 1991, Thein Sein served in the War Office as the Colonel General Staff Officer Rank-1 under Than Shwe when the latter was the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Before being Colonel General Staff Officer at the War Office, he was commander of Infantry Battalion 89 in Kalay Township, Sagaing Division.

Later Thein Sein was promoted to Brigadier-General, but still served as the General Staff Officer of the War Office, which was the first time that a Brigadier General had been promoted to General Staff Officer.

In early 1995 he became the commander of Military Operations Command -4 in Hmawbi, Rangoon Division. Following brief service as the commander of MOC-4, Thein Sein was appointed to lead the newly formed Triangle Regional Military Command in Kengtung, eastern Shan State, in 1996.

He later returned to the War Office as Adjutant General during a military reshuffle following a fatal helicopter accident which took the lives of Lt-Gen Tin Oo and other generals in 2001.

He became the junta’s Secretary-1 after former spy chief Gen Khin Nyunt’s downfall in Oct 2004 while Gen Soe Win became Prime Minister.

In April 2007, while Soe Win was suffering from leukemia, Thein Sein was appointed acting prime minister. In October 2007, he became the permanent prime minister after Soe Win passed away.

Appointing Thein Sein as the President of the Republic of Union of Myanmar is thought to be a major part of Than Shwe's hidden agenda in dealing with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), as well as China and India.

Than Shwe has reportedly given much thought to how his new line-up will look in the eyes of the international community ahead of Burma chairing Asean for the first time in 2014, and hosting the Southeast Asian Games in 2013, Asean diplomatic sources hinted.

Although Thein Sein is known to be the quietest Head of Government among the Asean leaders at regional summits, he is renowned for being confident and persuasive in international dealings.

However, one serious worry for Thein Sein in the coming five-year presidential term is his long-suffering heart disease. Reportedly, he repeatedly asked Than Shwe for permission to retire in 2010 for heath reasons.

There are suggestions, therefore, that Thein Sein might in fact be unhappy with his appointment as President of Burma.

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Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
To Gam Seng,

Yours is not the only posting that is censored; many of ours have been too.

Don't talk about maha bamar; we never see it that way. This notion of ethnicity is concocted by the ex-coloniser. It is a fact. Stupid, holier-than-thou Bamars actually took it as their 'bible' and started bashing anyone who considers Burma to be ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE STATE.

We will fight to the death to keep Burma unitary. Kachins, kayins, etc are our brothers. Never forget brotherhood.

There are three principal races, Caucasians, Negroids and Mongoloids. We are all Mongoloids, mate.

You need to read 'Order without meaning' of English rule. All our problems are rooted in colonialism.

Yes, we still have many problems but stay hopeful and be good.

Gam Seng Wrote:
Why you didn't display the comment made by me on 1-2.11 on the article "Thein Sein Set To Be New President.?

I will take the meaning that why you didn't display my comment because of
1. Am i an ethnic?
2. Am I a Kachin?
3. Am I hurt to you or Burmese as a whole?
4. Am i not exposing the truth?

I did comment because I love this Myanmar and if we are not in position of correction of the attitude of our leaders then will we wait and see the others come and destroy them?

I don't happy with you, editor. Don't act like those leaders who have been cheating all ethnicities and citizen as a whole.

I am taking this issue very seriously.

Gam Seng Wrote:
Yesterday Burmese Leaders and today leaders and still tomorrow will be remain the same in term of crookedness in politics, demolishing Ethnic people and pro Federalist Democrats from the platform of politics.

Whoever take take up whatever role in new government we, ETHNIC PEOPLE has lost of trust in you completely.

Be prepared to face all the consequences you have have been committing ethicalm national, political, social and cultural crimes before the jundgemental court of Federalism and Humanright.

Zaw Min Wrote:
I wonder who is happy in this sad situation. I don't think the senior general himself is happy as he is not stupid enough to sense the tightening noose around his neck. May be his family is the only one who is stupid or pig-headed (in a way they do look like pigs though). He should rid himself of this family and may be join Mubarak in Saudi Arabia or better still, his old BCP foes in China for a longer life and a better retirement. There is still time to do this. Take it or live and die miserably and in disgrace along with your pig family.

Gam Seng Wrote:
Who ever come to be in position of president we has completely lost our trust to you, the ruling regime.
You has sided with "maha bama racism" rather implementing Federal democracy in Union of Buram.
For that you are not only the ones who has been committing crimes against own fleshes/humanity, but also violated the greatest crimes against Federal Principle of this country, convenanted at Panglong.

You are rightly deserved to get the fruits that you have been sown over the last 6 decades.

As you prepare to take up your appointment these days, you should be also thinking of confroning the consequences to which you have committed before international communities.

Injustice and your dirty politics will never be exempted unless it is solved when the time comes.

How long you can be fooling the citizens and Ethnic people of this land?
Remember no excuse for what you have been uprooting us.
The truth will in turn reembark your labor back.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Not Sen.Gen Than-Shwe?
What happened to the predictions, wise guys?

DetDoe Wrote:
Not really a "Mr. Clean".
Pulled a gun to the head of a railway ticket clerk who failed to secure a ticket for him while he was a commander in Sagaing Devision.

Prateek Wrote:
Political freedom in burma

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