Than Shwe’s Granddaughter Celebrates 4th Birthday with Rangoon Elite
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Friday, June 25, 2021

Than Shwe’s Granddaughter Celebrates 4th Birthday with Rangoon Elite

By WAI MOE Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Burmese junta supremo Than Shwe’s daughter Thandar Shwe held a birthday party for her 4 year-old daughter on Saturday in Rangoon which was attended by several leading figures from the city's high society and military elite. Than Shwe and his wife Kyaing Kyaing did not attend.

Thandar Shwe achieved notoriety in 2006 when a video clip of her wedding to Maj. Zaw Phyo Win surfaced on the Internet showing an ostentatious wedding reception and lavish wedding gifts of diamonds and other jewels.

Sources in Naypyidaw said that the birthday party for Than Shwe’s granddaughter was held at Zayar Thiri Baikman, an exclusive hall in the former capital, and was paid for by US-sanctioned crony Khin Shwe who is an elected representative of the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party for the Upper House.

(Left to right): Kyel Phyo Thandar Shwe, Thandar Shwe, Than Shwe and Kyaing Kyaing in 2008
“Kyel Phyo Thandar Shwe’s fourth birthday party was a pretty big event with about 160 relatives and associates attending,” said one source who was at the party. “Family members of other top generals also made appearances.”

He said that Khin Shwe, who runs Zay Gabar Co Ltd, provided the catering. Notable military cronies such as Tay Za of the Htoo Group of Companies, Zaw Zaw of the Max Myanmar Group of Companies, and Nay Win Tun of Ruby Dragon Jade & Gems Co Ltd presented gifts to the child.

Burma observers have frequently said that the ruling generals' family celebrations are more than just society events, but are avenues for them to accept large bribes in the form of “gifts.”

Thandar Shwe is Than Shwe’s youngest daughter. She was married in 2006 at the same venue, the Zayar Thiri Baikman. At the time, the BBC reported: “The newly-weds were reportedly given [US] $50 million-worth of wedding gifts, including cars, jewels and houses.”

Currently, Thandar Shwe and her husband are attachés at the Burmese consulate in Kunming, the capital of China’s southwest province of Yunnan.

Although no more than an infant, Kyel Phyo Thandar Shwe is said to be the Burmese dictator's second favorite grandchild after Nay Shwe Thway Aung ,also known as Phoe La Pyae Thwe, who many say is being groomed to succeed his grandfather.

Kyel Phyo Thandar Shwe has been nicknamed “Moe Paw Ka Kyel Ka Lay,” meaning “small star from the sky,” according to sources close to military officials in Naypyidaw.

Close connections to the ruling generals are necessary for doing business in Burma. A relationship with Than Shwe’s family is seen as the most important stepping stone toward concessions and favorable contracts for lackeys and cronies.

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tocharian Wrote:
Dear Editor,

Thanks for the response. Perhaps you are confusing me with another commentator (Nyunt Han). I never said anything like that. You should have censored that kind of remark. All I complained about was the Burmese spelling of the word star and I still think I am right about that, but it's not that important!

[Ed. Apologies for deleting your post and inferring that it may have been you who sanctioned murdering a young child.]

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Truth is our weapon. Truth is the weapon of the Burmese/Myanmar people.

Thanlhyet is the weapon of our king HM King Schwebomin II, the Glorious!

United Myanmar Patriotic Front
[email protected]

Thank you all compatriots for contacting us.

With metta/myitta from us and from our king.

luusoelay Wrote:
of course "happy burstday song" is a must. =)

tocharian Wrote:
I am disappointed to see that Irrawady publishes every nonsense that Myanmar Patriots posts (including some personal attacks) but decided to censor my rebuttal. Well freedom of speech includes freedom of censorship, I suppose. It's your newspaper and I still think you are doing a good job!

[Editor: Myanmar Patriots post was grossly overstated as usual, but the essential point is that wishing any 4-year-old girl dead is an abhorrent notion]

Salai Lairam Wrote:
I wonder if they sang "Happy birthday song" in the party.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Nyunt Han Wrote:09/12/2010
"May she have a short life span.

Dear NyuntHan, Would you like to kill all German babies because of Hitler, Spanish babies because of General Franco, Chilean babies because of Pinochet, Chinese babies because of Chinese government etc. etc..?
And Rwanda babies because of Hutis and Tutsis?
How big is your heart and how large is your brain? Hope you are not typical Burmese.

Myanmar Patriots Wrote:

"So Than Shwe probably also owns real estate in Kunming. Interesting!
By the way, the word for star in Burmese is not Kyel. There is no "l". "

Now, who is Burmese and who is not?

Star = kyeh (pay arttention to the 'h') as in the white white star placed on the latest map. (and Burma Five Star Line; our king was supposed to be chief engineer years ago.)

Also, star= kyi - as in the case of 'twinkle, twinkle litte star, how I wonder who you are'. 'kyis ' are inthe sky.

Kyehs have points eg. Star of David.

United Myanmar Patriotic Front
[email protected]

Zawgyi Wrote:
Every morning When I look in the mirror I see a terrifying monster. When I smile the monster smiles back; when I clean my teeth the monster does also.

Mimetic desire

Add a little sugar and water


Who wants to share some Lemonaide

luusoelay Wrote:
happy BURSTday. wish you all in peace.

tocharian Wrote:
So Than Shwe probably also owns real estate in Kunming. Interesting!
By the way, the word for star in Burmese is not Kyel. There is no "l".

shwemoe Wrote:
Yes,I was there too! I crashed in. We were given bibs, bows and a pacifier. Ulay Than Shwe opted for 17...claiming that he has a big mouth. His pasao also kept falling off his "girly figure" as he could not hold on to the 17 pacifiers at the same time, and inadvertently started singing Do Mya Burma Pya instead of Happy Bithday tamee lay.

You can call me Wikileaks.

kerry Wrote:
Beyond appalling, and extremely ugly.

George Than Setkyar Heine Wrote:
Why didn't they do it in Naypyidaw where they are hiding all the time?
And the child is already 4 years now?
Well, no wonder she is a “small star from the sky” hence, not of her father's of course!
And Than Shwe and Kyaing Kyaing staying away from the big bash certainly evidenced the fact no doubt; 'hot face' in Burmese we say.

"Nay Shwe Thway Aung ,also known as Phoe La Pyae Thwe, who many say is being groomed to succeed his grandfather" certainly augurs ill for Burma if it holds any water I say.

Kim Jong Il's son is 26 years old while this brat grandson is only a teenager and his old rogue of a grandfather is already stepping into his grave for the better. Guess Than Shwe is playing a bigger game than we thought folks!

And only 160 people there right? I will bet my bottom Kyat there would be 160 million plus people including from all over the globe in case one or all of Kim's (Daw Suu's younger son's) offspring celebrate their birthdays in Burma at any given time or day, any takers?

KKK Wrote:
Why Irrawaddy is posting this kind of useless news or artilce on their website? Don't you guys have anything at all?

Dear Than Shwe

Your grandaughter looks happy; I myself have a daughter whom my wife Thazin Pyone named Xanthia. Our sons Yaza and Zayya say Hello and suggest you buy an X-box Kinect and Dance Central game for them this Xmas.

Thazin lives in Australia now though we love coming back for holidays. This year we stayed at Traders Hotel.

You may remember my wife's grandfather they had a company called Burma Chrome.

Wikileaks; the people of Myanmar have always treated me with the most respect.


Congratulate you


Paris Hilton is Hot;)

Nyunt Han Wrote:
May she have a short life span.

Myint Myat Twe Wrote:
Look ! Shiny star, Twinkle star, and then Falling star,
Again! Brighter Star, Sparkling star, and then shooting star...

Too many stars in Burma all have guns, power, money, but one day we will all be the same,

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