More Detail on Military Reshuffle Emerges
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More Detail on Military Reshuffle Emerges

By THE IRRAWADDY Monday, August 30, 2010


Despite the continued silence of state-run media on the reported resignations of top military officials in the Burmese military leadership, almost all the important positions in the army including that of its supremo, Snr-Gen Than Shwe, were filled by a new generation of army officers.

Lt-Gen Myint Aung, the newly appointed commander in chief
According to a military memo obtained by The Irrawaddy on Monday, Lt-Gen Myint Aung, the army's adjutant general, becomes the commander in chief while Lt-Gen Ko Ko, head of Chief of Bureau of Special Operation 3, who is reputed to be the nephew of Than Shwe's wife, Kyaing Kyaing, becomes the deputy commander-in-chief.

General Thura Shwe Mann, the regime's No.3 position as joint chief of staff, goes to Lt-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, former Chief of the Bureau of Special Operation 2. Five positions in the Bureau of Specials Operations, which serves as the third tier in the Burmese army leadership, were also taken by five former regional commanders.

While Rangoon's former regional commander, Maj-Gen Win Myint, becomes the Military Appointment General, Maj-Gen Kyaw Swe, the former commander of Southwest Regional Command, fills the position of Lt-Gen Ye Myint, former Chief of Military Affairs Security who was the regime's negotiator with the cease-fire armed ethnic groups.

Also, 15 military officers were promoted to the posts of regional commanders, the powerful ranking commander in each respective region.

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Dr W Taw Wrote:
They all look like clowns with their self-awarded medals !
Obama cannot, so God help Burma !!

Jackie Chan Wrote:
My dear Ngal Hriang:
If Lt-Gen Myint Aung is Chinese as you asserted, then you'd better learn Chinese quick. Sooner rather than later, Chinese will be official language of Burma. Nice job Nga Than Shwe, Thanks!

A.M.O Wrote:
Oh! Boy! How do we buy that?

Who knows it might be a 'Guided Leak" released by Than Shwe as part of his master game plan for '2010'. Eh?

hla thein Wrote:
Congratulation General,you are a lucky C-I-C and I believe you will save Burma one day. Like General Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, be "a thinking general"

Vantlang Mualcin Wrote:
Medals awarded for killing the innocent citizens of Burma do not make this idiot a great man but a criminal. Than Shwe and all his stooges are all criminals.

Ngal Hriang Wrote:
This Chinese man is our commander in-chief? Now Burma is 100% ruled by Chinese.

The Art Piece Wrote:

I am pleased to announce that I am quitting the post from the most brutal military regime in the world to avoid being accused as a criminal by the international crime bureau. Frankly, I have not been directly involved in any of brutal crack-downs in any means and what so ever. Does it matter? Anyhow, my military pants are tight and uncomfortable as before so then I decided changing to “longyi” in which I can freely move around.
That is not the important fact. I really love my money … pardon me….my country. I think that this is a good time and opportunity to promote younger generation officers, naturally speaking about my relatives. This must be done before the general election, as I promised not long ago. Anyway, I’ve been lately struggling with today’s fast paced technological world. Frankly, I think that my intelligent agency has been deteriorating and slowly catching up with today’s technology. Some media has sadly been slipped through public.

The Art Piece Wrote:
Some of you may be concern as a new generation steps into the military posts. I certainly guarantee you that I will be solely responsible and watching over them. There is clear evidence that I am capable of planning and building a brand new capital under my leadership within in short time. My next goal is to rank as one of the top billionaires in Magazine. But then I realize that I’ll never be in there with my military uniform and military salaries. I don’t think I need to explain my post or duty. Just sit back, relax and don’t get involve in politics or do stupid things. You all will be just fine and the future will be for “US”, you know what I mean?

Thank you,
Mr. Millionaire Gold

timothy Wrote:
This is the list of criminals from Burma. ASA and EU had already updated their list of Burmese criminals who fall under Visas ban list. This name will appear in School text books to teach future generations about the brutality of Military Fascism in Burma. It became obvious that the Junta had made the line up for new government. We will strive to reject the result of election at United Nations. Burmese must pull together to boycott the election.

Kerry Wrote:
Great! A whole new generation of greedy wicked stupid men in mickey Mouse uniforms to organize institutionalized brutality and violence against the people of Burma!

Hello 21st Century!

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