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By THE IRRAWADDY Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Correction: May 26, 2011

In its online report 'NLD Condemn Tourism in Burma,' (Tuesday, May 24), The Irrawaddy misinterpreted the NLD's statement on tourism released on May 20, 2011. (Go to article)

Correction: November 23, 2010

On Nov. 21, The Irrawaddy received a letter from Dr. Cynthia Maung, the director of Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot, in which she pointed out several errors of fact and inaccuracies in the Nov. 17 article, “Mae Tao Clinic to Relocate.”

First, Mae Tao Clinic will not relocate as the headline and the lead of the article suggested. In a telephone interview with The Irrawaddy. Dr. Cynthia said she “would like to” acquire a larger site for the clinic. In her letter, Dr. Cynthia said that a relocation of the clinic is not within the organization's current plans. It was also an inaccuracy to say that the clinic's funding, or a cut in funding, was linked to the supposed relocation.

The article listed donor countries and organizations that support Mae Tao Clinic. Dr. Cynthia has pointed out that Sweden is not such a donor country.

The reporter also referred to Dr. Thitha Maung as a former vice-chairman of the clinic. This, too, was incorrect. Dr. Thitha Maung is in fact the director of Thailand-based National Health and Education Committee's health program .

Finally, The Irrawaddy stated that in 2008, after Cyclone Nargis, the clinic sent a medical team to treat cyclone victims in the Irrawaddy Delta. While members of Mae Tao helped coordinate efforts, they did not send a medical team to the delta, Dr. Cynthia pointed out. (Go to article)

The Irrawaddy apologizes for misrepresenting the comments of Dr. Cynthia and Mae Tao Clinic in this article. 

Correction: March 3, 2008

On February 28, The Irrawaddy received an email from Steve Marshall, the ILO liaison officer in Rangoon, concerning information contained in an earlier version of this article. He pointed out two inaccuracies which have been corrected in the present version.

The first concerns the number of child soldier cases currently under investigation. The figure cited in the original article was 11. However, this number reflects only the situation in December 2007, when Mr. Marshall was interviewed by The Irrawaddy.

Concerning the figures for last year, and those currently under investigation, Mr. Marshall writes:

“We have had a larger number than that of complaints however most of those have been resolved satisfactorily and at this time there are a much smaller number outstanding.”

The second inaccuracy relates to the name of a prisoner whose case was discussed by Kari Tapiola, the deputy director general of the ILO, during his recent meeting with the Burmese labor minister. The Irrawaddy reported that Mr. Tapiola discussed the case of Myint Naing.

However, Mr. Marshall writes that “Mr. Tapiola has no direct knowledge of [Myint Naing’s] case and … this case was not discussed by him with Government during his visit to Myanmar.

“He did speak to your reporter about the case concerning U Thet Wai and the fact that the ILO is seeking a review of his case and his immediate release.”

In an interview with Mr. Tapiola for this article, Irrawaddy reporter Violet Cho referred specifically to the case of Myint Naing. However, it appears that Mr. Tapiola’s response was in reference to another prisoner, Thet Wai. (Go to Article)


Correction: November 12, 2008

In its online report ‘Young Burmese Blogger Sentenced to more than 20 Years in Jail,’
(Monday, November 10), The Irrawaddy erroneously said Nay Phone Latt, a Rangoon blogger, had been convicted and sentenced for posting a cartoon depicting junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe on his blog site. Nay Phone Latt was in fact convicted of possessing a cartoon of the general in his email.

The Irrawaddy also erroneously reported that Nay Phone Latt’s blogs during the September 2007 uprising provided invaluable information about events in Burma.

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