Junta Forms Missile Force to Guard Against External Threats
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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Junta Forms Missile Force to Guard Against External Threats

By MIN LWIN and WAI MOE Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The Burmese military junta has formed a strategic missile force that works with North Korean suppliers and reports directly to Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, the commander-in-chief of the army, according to military sources who leaked the classified information to The Irrawaddy.

The Directorate of Missile, formed in September 2009 to work alongside the Artillery Force and the Air Defense Force, comprises one of Naypyidaw’s major defense initiatives to strategically prepare for modern warfare and protect against external threats to the country's long coastline, strategic defense industries, command centers and air force and naval bases.

North Korean missiles of the type deployed by Burma's new Directorate of Missile. Photo: Korean Central News Agency
Burma’s missile force is armed with two types of weapons: surface-to-surface missiles, including short and medium range ballistic missiles such as the Scud-type Hwasong-6 imported from North Korea, and 122-mm and 240-mm multiple rocket launch systems imported from China and North Korea.

Known in the Burmese language as Ka Ka Dom, the Directorate of Missile is currently headed by Maj-Gen Myint Soe, who is reportedly close to Maung Aye.

There are 10 missile operations commands under the Directorate of Missile: Kyaukse in the Naypyidaw Regional command; Hmawbi in the Rangoon regional command; Bilin and Moulmein in the Southeast Regional Command; Dawei and Myeik in the Coastal Regional Command; Kengtung in the Triangle Regional Command; Loikaw in the Eastern Regional Command; and Sittwe in the Western Regional Command. 

Under the missile operation commands, mobile battalions are deployed in locations such as Mong-Hnyin in Kachin State, Nawng-cho in northern Shan State and Kyaukpadaung in Mandalay Division, as well as other undisclosed places in the country.

Comprising another important wing of the Directorate of Missile are electronic battalions, which are deployed within missile operations commands and have the task of mapping and finding targets with electronic devices.

The idea for the strategic missile force came in 2007, when the National Defense College suggested forming a new directorate to better manage imported missiles and multiple rocket launchers.

The Directorate of Missile was formed as a separate entity from the Directorate of Artillery. Previously, Burma’s Artillery Force and Armor Force were under the same command, the Directorate of Artillery and Armor. However, in 2005, the junta separated the two directorates for better military mobilization.

To protect Burma's 1,385-mile coastline, artillery and missile units are deployed on strategic off-coast islands. 

Lt-Gen Myint Hlaing, the chief of the Directorate of Air Defense who commands eight air defense operations commands, and Maj-Gen Mya Win, the chief of the Directorate of Artillery who commands 10 artillery operations commands, are also reportedly close to  Maung Aye.

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Natshinnaung Wrote:
Malaysia under Dr. Mahathir and S'pore under Mr.Lee cannot be labeled like dictatorship in Burma. Mahathir promised the Malaysians how he would build his country and he delivered it. S'pore also became the best city state in the world. Than Shwe is just a lawless man who ruins in stead of building. People kept electing and electing Dr. Mahathir and Mr. Lee because of their commitments and dedications while Than Shwe just just crazy for his own elite life.

plan B Wrote:
There is a glaring disconnect in your concept.
Using Malaysia who similarly was under dictatorship for s certain period of time and has since moved on to attain what you describe.
Very conveniently, like everyone here to forget:
That is the difference.
That fact alone will clearly explain the SPDC's present reactions and approach to control!
That was then. Now the collusion with DPRK has reached an auto piloted phase.
The SPDC gets all material needed for control. The DPRK gets what Myanmar can offer in a vast array of resources.
The west's response: "SPDC must follow UN charter"
What next: an embargo?
I am sure you won't see any harm in that either.It is anti-SPDC after all.
Without recognizing the west's contribution, your sentiment for the people is as hollow as the west's care for Myanmar citizenry.

Simon Wrote:
The policy building highly advanced missiles for self-defense is so much more worse than Hitler's while the country's position is extremely bad. Thein Sein has even been to New York as well as other so-called generals did to several well-developed cities around the world.
But so surprisingly, they never have a mind to build the country up at least like Malaysia. While Malaysia aims at reaching the American standard within two decades, Myanmar's selfish-crazy generals only know how to build luxurious house and own expensive cars. Most importantly, so long as the neighboring countries Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China have not untied their links with Myanmar, Myanmar will always be under the dictatorship. Countries stated above are effectively sucking all the properties of Myanmar. The regime nodded its head if that way could cement its power forever. A rich country with poor people! All citizenry are badly pitiful. May God know their cries.

Yangontha Wrote:
What an expensive toy that can be played Missile computer game has established between with two sickies -Than Shwe and Kim Jong il ! By the way, who are the "External Threats" to Than Shwe ? Perhaps his own followers, who fed up with him by now !!

George Than Setkyar Heine Wrote:
No thanks to China and its proxy North Korea for that matter.
Of course outlaws and bandits like the lot in Naypyidaw need to be fully armed and alert for that matter - not external but internal - as they are well aware of the fact the people would certainly 'pay them back' their 'dues' sooner rather than later.
Hence, they need to stockpile arms including nuclear weapons to safeguard their ill-gotten wealth and their wretched lives from their own people while China and Russia play the role of 'saviors' in the international arena.
Today, nations are pulling down their military expenditures and using the extra money on people's welfare and countries'
economy unlike Burma's generals stealing their own people's money, thus wreaking havoc on the country's economy also not to mention expanding armed forces personnel and military expenditures for that matter.
Hiking military expenditure and buying hardware to protect the country from 'external threat' just would NOT SELL I should say.

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