Regime Goal: The Strongest Army in Southeast Asia
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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Regime Goal: The Strongest Army in Southeast Asia

By MIN LWIN Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Defense analysts have said that Than Shwe has a goal to acquire nuclear weapon capability by 2025.

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Ursus Wrote:
timothy, you are confusing Augusto Pinochet with Leopoldo Galtieri. Pinochet was the dictator of Chile, not Argentina. The dictator of Argentina who instigated the Falkland war was Leopoldo Galtieri. Nevertheless both of them fall in the same category, together with Than Shwe, Saddam Hussein, Marcos and so on. All of them are murderers of their own People.

plan B Wrote:

Emotion makes one weak. UK past policy is the root of Myanmar problem. Ever imagine the SPDC becoming an armed opposition instead of the de facto Government?


I hope you do not count on the Good Tatmadaw to make things happen.

KKK Wrote:
The strongest army in Southeast Asia?
Does junta train its soldiers to be a professional soldiers? How many thousands of child solders are in Burmese Army? What is the education level of average soldier? Are these soldiers like their morally corrupted leaders?

What does regime's strongest army do?
- killing
- robing
- raping
- stealing
- lying
- molesting
- torturing
Does it mean strongest army in Southeast Asia?

timothy Wrote:
Dream on! Dream on! Augusto Pinochet of Argentina built the military machine and challenged United Kingdom at Falkland dispute. Falklanders are very lucky few in this world to live happily under United Kingdom. Pinochet let the world know that Argentine army will crush UK invaders in Falkland war. Saddam Hussein also did the same when American forces are coming to Iraq. Military parades and militia parades propped up for massive propagandas. Elite family members are packing their bags and running away to neighboring Arab states. Now Pinochet and Saddam are in the deepest layers of Awisi with Ne Win. Gen Than Shwe and colleagues should note that they need to learn from history. Learn. Learn. Learn. Do not dream. Look at the People's Army of China. They are completely under control of very disciplined Communist Party politburo. Soldiers receive orders from the politician and people. That is called a people's army. Learn from history.

KKK Wrote:
The regime is building strongest army in Southeast Asia to kill its own people.

Leo King Wrote:
Nice to hear about this as it is purely to defend our land and sovereignty.Think positively.

Ursus Wrote:
Than Shwe has a goal to acquire nuclear weapon capability by 2025! LOL!
This guy is really sick! By the year 2025, Burma will be a free country without sick people! All these sick people will be in hell.

timothy Wrote:
Ha Ha! Strongest? When French and American vessels were awaiting in Burmese waters for the green light from the UN Security Council during Nargis Cyclone, Than Shwe and his mercenary thugs were shaking, shivering down the spine with fright. These mercenaries are very good at the senseless killing of unarmed peaceful demonstrators, defenceless villagers and ethnic minorities. This is not the people's army envisioned by Bogyok Aung San. Burma is occupied by the army of thugs and bandits. When Burma gains independence from this fascist regime, we will rebuild the people's army with professional soldiers of just 20,000. It will be supported by a national conscription program of compulsory military service comparable to Israel and Switzerland's army call up in emergency. Everyone from age 25 to 45 will be called up yearly so that every citizen must learn the use of weapons and ammunition and never will be bullied by the mercenaries of the Ne Win and Than Shwe eras again.

Ko Maung Wrote:
The Strongest Army in Southeast Asia, supported by South Asia dollars. Why worry.?

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