US Voices Concern over Burma, N Korea Nuclear Nexus
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US Voices Concern over Burma, N Korea Nuclear Nexus

By LALIT K JHA Tuesday, August 4, 2009


WASHINGTON — The United States expressed concern on Monday over news reports that North Korea may be helping the Burmese military regime to achieve its nuclear ambitions.

“It is an issue of concern and it is an issue that we continue to focus on intensively,” the assistant secretary of state for public affairs, Philip J Crowley, told reporters at the State Department headquarters.

Although he refrained from making any comment on the alleged underground nuclear facility being developed by North Korea inside Burma, Crowley said the US was concerned about “the nature of cooperation between North Korea and Burma.”

“We do have concerns about the nature of cooperation between both Burma and North Korea, and North Korea and any other country. As the Secretary [of State Hillary Clinton] did during her recent trip, she argued quite forcefully that all countries have responsibilities regarding the UN sanctions and we are [working] hard at implementing them,” Crowley said.

“I think over time, we would like to clarify with Burma more precisely the nature of its military cooperation,” he said. 

“The Secretary was encouraged that Burma said that it would abide by its responsibilities under the sanctions that were recently passed by the UN, and we will be looking to see them implement those sanctions,” Crowley said.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s National Security Council chief Thawil Pliensri has ordered intelligence officials to verify reports the Burmese military regime is building a nuclear reactor with a plan to make a nuclear bomb within five years, as reported in the English-language daily, The Bangkok Post.

But Thawil was quoted as saying that so far no evidence has been found that points to a Burmese nuclear program.

On Saturday, the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, reported that Burma appears to be establishing nuclear facilities with help from North Korea and Russia, possibly with the intent of producing nuclear weapons.

The newspaper, citing two Burmese defectors who were interviewed in-depth over two years by Australian strategic studies analyst Desmond Ball and Thailand-based journalist Phil Thornton, claimed that Burma has secretly constructed a nuclear reactor that would encompass reprocessing technology designed to extract weapons-grade plutonium.

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Tom Tun Wrote:
Plan B,

The top paragraphs are news, they are not an "article." Do you see any of the author's comments or his thoughts?

plan B Wrote:
This article penned by the same author below
clearly show satisfaction with the result of US policy against the SPDC.

Now suggesting that the US should be more involved with the SPDC's questionable aspiration to become a nuke owner.

I am confused: Is the author backpedaling on the endorsement of continuing sanctions or urging even tighter sanction and helping the SPDC to make friends with N Korea even more justifiable.

To counter the influence of Russia and N Korea and the SPDC's questionable hope of obtaining nuclear technology, the author should at least point out the association between sanctions by the West which have made the SPDC do what it is doing and successfully so far.

There is a saying if one want to influence a family decision one has to be in the dwelling of the family.

As it is, the US and the West are just vendors in the street, begging for attention.
All the others that are in the dwelling do not see the need to change.

KKK Wrote:
The world communities are not proactive enough on this issue. The whole world is waiting until the junta get the nuke. China (the blood sucker) will have more leverage on the US when the junta gets nuclear. Then the Burmese people will get more suffering.

Hello World—
Actions, actions and actions, please.

tonuke or not tonuke Wrote:
Hey, that's Burma's internal bigboy toys. What has the world got to do with it? Asean didn't table this at the Phuket Asean ARF summit. Want verifications? Just ask Russia and China. Don't forget to tap in the Indians too. Come on, us a break!

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