VOA: UDP Leader Threatens to Sue The Irrawaddy
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Monday, August 08, 2022

VOA: UDP Leader Threatens to Sue The Irrawaddy

By WAI MOE Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The leader of the Canada-based United Democratic Party of Myanmar (UDP), Kyaw Myint, also known as Michael Hua Hu, is threatening legal action against The Irrawaddy and its editor, Aung Zaw, according to an interview carried by the Burmese service of the Voice of America (VOA) on Wednesday.

Kyaw Myint, who also goes by the name of Michael Hua Kyaw Myint Hu, told VOA that the basis of his legal action was an article published in The Irrawaddy on December 26, 2008. The article quoted a report in the now defunct magazine Asiaweek accusing a company run by Kyaw Myint of laundering money for the United Wa State Army (UWSA), which is heavily involved in the drug trade.

Kyaw Myint, also known as Michael Hua Hu
The company, Kyone Yeom, was chaired by Kyaw Myint in the 1990s.

Kyaw Myint told VOA he was never involved in laundering drug money. “I am preparing documents for a lawsuit,” he said. The action would be lodged in a court in Thailand.

The Irrawaddy article also quoted a report that appeared in Jane’s Intelligence Review in November 1998 saying Kyone Yeom had been blacklisted by the Burmese regime because Kyaw Myint, who claimed to be a deputy minister of finance for the UWSA, openly and brazenly flouted Burmese business laws and regulations.

Jane’s Intelligence Review had reported in March 1998 that on December 11, 1997, an article in the state-run vernacular press announced the black-listing of Kyone Yeom by the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development for “submitting false accounts.” 

The Jane’s report added: “However, following meetings between Wa leaders and junta chief Lieutenant General Khin Nyunt, the minister responsible, technocrat Brigadier General David Abel was abruptly shunted to an inactive post.”

At the time, Kyaw Myint was under surveillance by US agencies. A US State Department “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, 1998" said that in February 1998, the Burmese regime effectively suspended the Kyone Yeom for violating the Myanmar [Burma] Company Act, although the government did not indicate that this was a counternarcotics action.

“The company's chairman, a former high-level United Wa State Army officer, was reportedly later sentenced to 9 years imprisonment,” the report said.

Kyaw Myint told VOA that he was arrested for political reasons and charged under State Emergency Act 5-J. He later escaped from prison and travelled first to the US and then Canada, reportedly with the help of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Aung Kyaw Zaw, a Burmese military analyst and former member of the Burma Communist Party, said that Kyaw Mint “wasn’t prominent before the Wa separated from the Communist Party in 1989. After the Wa’s ceasefire with the junta, he became well-known for doing business for the Wa.”

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John Wrote:
I read your article and also udp blog. I think you all people misunderstand. I listened to the interview with U Kyaw Myint with VOA. They are not threatening. They are really suing you. Thats not lip service or just words. They are going to sue you. Thats what I understand.

Wai Lin Wrote:
He is a big liar. He is just a lowed level businessman who has cheated people from Burma and run away. He dares to tell untruth story to VOA. Did he know that it is record for his fake claim? He showed fake verbal agreements from ceasefire groups and collected rusty old politicians. Yet, he invested money from selling bogus stocks to greedy buyers. Then what? He would lie again he has been a friend of DASSK, Gen Khin Nyunt even Gen Than Shwe. Just name dropping for his personal interest or craziness? SPDC will nail him too. Useless man, sick man and he didn't know how media power. good work Irrawaddy !!!

Burmese Canadian Wrote:
Good Work Irrawaddy. Make some research and reveal that he is China born Chinese citizen and not Burmese-Tayoke.All the legal tools are available online.

Ontop, he is rich man with ten of millions of$ in pocket and bought many Burmese politicians. The one who wrote on Kachin post is paid by him (still on his payroll). He even financed a meeting with Canadian politicians in 2006 in Ottawa which was attended by ABSDF chairman and Soe Myint of Mizzima. Many people unknowingly accepted his donation and will have to answer later. Take extra care as many Burmese exile here has no decent job and education here in North America and accept payment and status from him (including one former ethnic Kachin from Irrawaddy team)

After all, keep up good work and Burma and justice is on your side. We shall see that Chinese go back to where he was born (even if he was born in Phi Maw, do not forget it is part of Chinese territory now)

Tom Tun Wrote:
Hay, Irrawady, good work. Please do not let a filthy, scum bag like him detour your objective. I hope Canadian government do some investigation about this guy and deport him back where he belongs. Wish you best of luck with your legal procedure.

Dave Wrote:
Nasty. Don't allow him to intimidate you.

KNU Wrote:
What a lier!

saw Wrote:
What this guy think he is doing? The idea that he set up a party in Canada and try to run in 2010 Burma election is as funny and sickening as he is. If he is so keen in politic why should not he run in Canadian election? He can join the Liberal, Conservative or NDP..But i guess he is just too dum and inarticulate to compete in the free world. Let him go ahead with the law suit and we will get his pic more in the Canadian front page. If Irrawaddy isn't high profile enough for him maybe we should put him on CBC, Ottawa Citizen, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. Or mabye he likes New York Times, Chicago Sun, LA Times or Washington Post. Down with drugs dealer and Junta thug.

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