List of Cease-fire Agreements with the Junta

List of Cease-fire Agreements with the Junta

By IRRAWADDY Thursday, January 1, 2004

Main Cease-fire Organisations (in order of agreement)
Name of organisation
1 Myanmar National Democracy Alliance Army (Kokang) MNDAA Phone Kyar Shin 21 Mar 1989 Special Region-1, Northern Shan State
2 United Wa State Army (Myanmar National Solidarity Party) UWSA Pao Yuchang & Kyauk Nyi Lai 9 May 1989 Special Region-2, Shan State
3 National Democratic Alliance Army (Shan/Akha Armed National Groups) NDAA Sai Lin & Lin Ming Xian 30 June 1989 Special Region-4, Eastern Shan State
4 Shan State Army (Shan State Progress Party) SSA Col. Loi Mao 2 Sept 1989 Special Region-3, Shan State
5 New Democratic Army (Kachin) NDA-K Sakhone Ting Ying 15 Dec 1989 Special Region-1, North-East Kachin State
6 Kachin Defence Army (KIO 4th Brigade) KDA Mahtu Naw 13 Jan 1991 Special Region-5, Northern Shan State
7 Pa-O National Organisation PNO Aung Kham Hti 11 April 1991 Special Region-6, Southern Shan State
8 Palaung State Liberation Army PSLA Aik Mone 21 April 1991 Special Region-7, Northern Shan State
9 Kayan National Guard (breakaway group from KNLP) KNG Gabriel Byan & Htay Ko 27 Feb 1992 Special Region-1, Kayah(Karenni) State
10 Kachin Independence Organization KIO Lamung Tu Jai 1 Oct 1993 Special Region-2, Kachin State
11 Karenni State Nationalities Peoples' Liberation Front KNPLF Sandar & Htun Kyaw 9 May 1994 Special Region-2, Kayah(Karenni) State
12 Kayan New Land Party KNLP Shwe Aye 26 July 1994 Special Region-3, Kayah(Karenni) State
13 Shan State Nationalities Peoples' Liberation Organization SSNPLO Ta Kalei 9 Oct 1994 Southern Shan State
14 New Mon State Party NMSP Nai Shwe Kyin 29 June 1995 Mon State


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