Comedian Zarganar, Actor Kyaw Thu Released from Insein Prison
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Comedian Zarganar, Actor Kyaw Thu Released from Insein Prison

By Saw Yan Naing Thursday, October 18, 2007


The popular Burmese comedian Zarganar and actor Kyaw Thu and his wife were released from Insein Prison in Rangoon on Wednesday. They were arrested for supporting protesting Buddhist monks.

Win Naing, Zarganar and Kyaw Thu offered alms to the monks during last month demonstrations [Photo: The Irrawaddy]

Actor Kyaw Thu and his wife Myint Myint Khin Pe were arrested during the night on October 11 after the authorities discovered their Rangoon hiding place.

“I feel even more responsibility now to work for the people,” Zarganar said, following his release. He was arrested on September 25.

He said he plans to work harder in the pro-democracy movement and called for others to be more active and united.

Zarganar, who was also arrested in 1988 and 1990 for his political activities, said he is suffering from a severe chest cold and is scheduled to see a doctor.

He said opposition leaders, including Myint Thein, a spokesperson of National League for Democracy, and veteran politician Amyotheryei Win Naing, are being detained in cell Block-5 of Insein Prison and are in poor health.

Myint Thein suffers from a gastric ailment and has been eating rice gruel for ten days, said Zarganar.

“He can’t eat rice," he said. "He looks thinner.”

Amyotheryei Win Naing is suffering from hypertension, said Zarganar.

Other opposition leaders, including Cin Sian Thang, Htawng Kho Thang, Ohn Than, are also in Insein prison, he said.
Kyaw Thu is also vice president of the Free Funeral Services Society, a social welfare organization founded in Rangoon that offers free funeral services for people who cannot afford a funeral.

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