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Saturday, April 20, 2019

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By The Irrawaddy SEPTEMBER, 1998 - VOLUME 6 NO.5

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Acting UN coordinator in Burma Juan Aguilar declined to comment on the letter’s contents.

Junta rejects offer of UN envoy visit

Burma rebuffed a request by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to receive a special emissary to discuss "current developments," UN spokesman Juan Carlos Brandt said.

UN diplomats in Rangoon said that Mr Annan wrote to junta leaders in Burma, proposing a visit by a "special emissary" to discuss "urgent matters."

However, the junta responded that this was "not an appropriate time." "The response from the prime minister was polite, but stated that there was no reason for such a rush to visit," Mr Brandt said.

Rangoon announces corruption

Rangoon announced that corruption charges against three cabinet members will be taken up by a board of inquiry, which was formed last month.

The accused were removed from office during a cabinet reshuffle last November. Silence following an investigation led analysts to believe that it had been derailed.

Junta blasts VOA, BBC and RFA

A commentary published in three government-run newspapers accused foreign governments and news organisations of colluding in Aung San Suu Kyi’s protests.

It accused the Voice of America, the British Broadcasting Corp and Radio Free Asia, of interfering in Burma’s internal affairs by "profusely advocating the demand of the lady."

Second journalist ousted

A French journalist became the second foreign newsperson expelled from Burma in a week for entering the country under the pretense of being tourists, official newspapers reported.

Philippe Grangereau, who works for the Paris newspaper Liberation, was deported for "illegally gathering information" while in the country on a tourist visa, newspapers said. Cassette tapes and documents hidden on his body were seized.

Earlier, a black-listed Italian journalist, Maurizio Giouliano, was expelled while trying to enter the country again.

Foreign journalists detained in Burma

Three foreign journalists were detained in Rangoon, as they prepared to interview Aung San Suu Kyi.

The three — an Australian, a Canadian and a Japanese — all believed to be cameramen, were detained near the Nobel peace laureate’s house by intelligence agents. They were deported to Bangkok on a flight later.

Opposition "will convene parliament"

The NLD said it would call parliament to convene, the most direct challenge to the authority of the military government it has ever attempted.

"Failure to hold a parliament session by the authorities amounts to ignoring the wishes of the people," the party statement said, adding it was now the duty of the NLD and elected candidates from other parties to convene.

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