Getting Serious about Democracy
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Getting Serious about Democracy

By Anwar Ibrahim Friday, May 12, 2006

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While the role of the US and other international actors is critical, Asean can demonstrate its agenda for addressing economic, social and governance issues through sustained effort on Burma.


Q: Do you think China and India are making matters worse by their growing ties and expanding business dealings with Rangoon?


A: China and India can play an influential role in Burma.  They can choose to engage the Burmese regime through their business and investment interests.  At the same time, they should address the human rights abuses in their dealings with the government. If not, then I think it will be more difficult for them in the long run and more harmful, overall, for the region.  Ultimately as leading members of the Asian community, they will be judged for their commitment to security, development and justice in the region.


Q: Do you think the UN Security Council’s consideration of Burma will do any good in light of the failure of other UN initiatives, including Razali’s [Razali Ismail, former UN special envoy to Burma] mission?


A: It is critical that the UN and the Security Council continue to monitor the situation in Burma.  Razali’s mission failed in part due to the inaction of Asean and also his lack of credibility stemming from personal business interests that he has within Burma.

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