Rare Painite Gemstone Found in Burma
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rare Painite Gemstone Found in Burma

By Associated Press/Rangoon Tuesday, March 15, 2005


New examples of one of the world’s rarest gemstones, painite, have been found in northern Burma, the latest such discovery in the country where the mineral was first discovered five decades ago, a local journal said Tuesday.


Kyaw Khaing Win, a geologist and doctoral student, said he found two pinkish painite stones in Kachin State during a recent field trip, according to Flower News. It was only the second time the mineral—which typically ranges from orange-red to brownish-red in color and has a hardness similar to topaz—has been discovered in the area, he said.


Only 18 painite stones have been found worldwide to date. Named after the British mineralogist Arthur C.D. Pain, the stone was first discovered in Mogok, Mandalay Division, in 1956. Four more examples were known to have been found there by 2001.


Kyaw Khaing Win said the painite found in Mogok tends to be large while examples from Kachin State have more luster.


Mogok, about 420 miles (676 kilometers) north of Rangoon, is known for producing the country’s best rubies and sapphires. Kachin State’s Phakant town, where Kyaw Khaing Win found the stones, is about 600 miles (966 kilometers) north of the capital. The area is known for its jade.

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