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Editorial_December Issue

By The Irrawaddy DECEMBER, 2004 - VOLUME 12 NO.11

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The following year the convention stalled again, proving that it couldn’t work without the participation of the NLD, which had won a landslide victory in the 1990 general election.


For the junta, the convention represents a political way out. That’s why the generals have consistently tried to stage the convention under their full control and guidance.


This time, the ceasefire groups are indispensable if the junta is to show that even without the main opposition parties the convention is a valid, inclusive forum.


With this in mind, Lt-Gen Thein Sein, chairman of the National Convention Committee and the junta’s Secretary-1, has had several meetings with ceasefire groups in an effort to seal their participation.


In fact, the junta has used ceasefire groups as a playing card in its political game. Now the ceasefire groups should show they have cards of at least equal strength, developing a winning strategy to employ within the convention. Otherwise, this is a game they’ll surely lose.


One important move would be to urge the generals to invite the opposition parties, including the NLD, to participate in the convention. That really is a necessity—in the interests not only of the country but also of their own people. It’s a card that must be played to avoid being endplayed.

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