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Thursday, November 15, 2018


Burma in the Thai Press

By Wandee Suntivutimetee OCTOBER, 2003 - VOLUME 11 NO.8

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This kind of news confuses Thais, since they have trouble distinguishing Burma’s civilian pro-democracy groups from its military junta and associates. For the Thais, all people from Burma are the same. When the government harms Suu Kyi, Thais hate the government. But when the Thai Prime Minister says refugees, migrant workers, Burmese activists and ethnic groups are bad, Thais also agree. Consequently, the Thais’ hatred is for all those from Burma. It doesn’t need to be so. Instead of reinforcing the prevailing ignorance, hatred and prejudice, the Thai media must be vigilant in respecting the ethics of journalism and its responsibilities to the public. For one, the Thai press could help build better understanding of our neighbor to the West. And as we cannot erase the 2,100 km border that separates us, we have to realize that we will be neighbors forever. Whether we like it or not, Burma’s problems are our problems, too. Wandee Suntivutimetee is the Editor of Salween News Network and a freelance writer for various Thai mainstream publications.

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