An Interview with Ad Carabao
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

An Interview with Ad Carabao

By Ad Carabao Sunday, September 1, 2002

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Q: What’s the next step?
A: We have to wait and see how the situation will turn out. We can’t get too deeply involved because we are not Shan. Foreign allies can provide support, but the Shan have to fight for themselves.
Q: How has the album affected Thai-Burmese relations?
A: The relationship is not based on an accurate understanding. The Thai government tries to take advantage of this situation by trading with the Burmese, but the relationship is not based on equality or truth. The fact is that Burma is threatening the Shan people so I’m waiting to see how the Thai government treats the Shan people or Aung San Suu Kyi, but they have been ignored. Instead, Burma is treated nicely. So, I don’t care about such relationships since they have been based on false premises. If I say something about Burma that makes the relationship even worse, it is still Thailand’s fault for the way it handles the situation. It has been wrong right from the start.
Q: Would like to say anything else to the readers?
A: My dream is that the world will pay attention to the major problem of the Shan nation, which has been subsumed by Burma. It began with British colonialism. But now, Thailand is guilty of neo-colonialism—taking advantage of the situation by selling satellites. It’s very embarrassing.

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