Nine Years Sleeping on a Cold Concrete Floor
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Nine Years Sleeping on a Cold Concrete Floor

By THE IRRAWADDY Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Therefore, inevitably, there was no prison doctor on hand.

We tried to be prepared and keep medicines for fever and other routine diseases that often affected us during seasonal changes, but we found it very difficult to get treatment for serious problems.   

Q: What do you want to say to the government about health care for every political prisoner?

A: First of all, political prisoners shouldn’t have been given those sentences because of their involvement in political activism. While under incarceration they had to live under poor conditions without proper medical treatment, and their families lost the right to take care of their loved ones. This is not something that should happen. The government should be responsible and take effective care of every prisoner's health. 

Q: What do you think is needed to improve the overall condition of prisons, including health care, administration and relations?

A: There is not an equal status in the administration of every prison. It depends on the local authorities, the police information unit dealing with each respective prison, etc.

There is no law firmly enacted in Burma with regard to political prisoners. The country really needs a law that recognizes them and their rights, and also states responsibilities of authorities.

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K.M. Aung Wrote:
I would like President Thein Sein and members of the Parliament to spend a week of solitary confinement in prisons all over Burma, then report back to the citizens of Burma on how they enjoy their brief stay at these prisons. My heart breaks to read about the cruel treatment of political prisoners who have had to endure very long and unjustifiable sentences in harsh conditions. The prison system in Burma must be cleaned up, from top to bottom. Better yet, those who work for the prison department should be chained to these guard dog cells for a year and see if they like it.

Sai Lin Wrote:
I know about Burmese prison very well.
My worst experienced was toilet. I can sleep on Bamboo mat but sleeping with these smells is nightmare and inviting all kind of diseases. The Burmese prison is the place for degrading human race. Forget about torture by authority, the living in the Burmese prison can shorten your life by half.

I wish I want to see Than Shwe spending his life until his last breath in the Insein Prison but not in VIP cell.

Z W Wrote:
Not only inside of jail za-yeik-hmya-pay-kyan-mar-yay [Share expenses for health] but also out side of health care center.

We need to discus and change immediately of share expenses for health program in parliament .Because everything we have to pay in hospital.

I supporting for Ko Ko Gyi sentence. ICRC should have go every weekend to the jail.

Terry Evans Wrote:
All around the world people care about events in Burma. The abuse of political prisoners has severely undermined the Nation's position in the world. Not everyone is fooled by the junta's latest PR scheme- many are still vigilant!

Oo Maung Gyi Wrote:
Ko Ko Gyi is hundred percent right, the prisons condition in Burma is very ( very ) bad as stated y Ko Ko Gyi. Ko Ko Gyi is great spoken from his heart, all have to share his feelings, the authority from now has to make better conditions for all prisons and jails through out Burma. Burma has to go long way to improve all jails in the country, be cause the authority think that by putting jail to politicians they will get relief of their mind which is absolutely wrong in theory. Look at to day's condition in Burma, the government can not effort to keep political prisoners to complete their jail terms. After-all the truth can not cover long, admission is the only right way of our daily life.

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