Burmese-American Finds Success in Hollywood
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Burmese-American Finds Success in Hollywood

By THE IRRAWADDY Monday, April 11, 2011

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For instance, it would be difficult for a director and actors in Burma to work together for a project like "Burmese Refugee."

Q: As a Burmese living in America, what do you think of Burma?

A: I hope Burma gains democracy and freedom. Then people will be able to live in prosperity. Luckily, I am living in a democratic country and enjoying good opportunities like a good education. I want people in Burma to be able enjoy good opportunities like we have here right now.

Q: How would you like to use your expertise to help improve Burmese movies?

A: I can only show them the path that I have walked. I want them to be able to communicate in English fluently in term of leading other people. We need more people like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to bring changes to Burma.

Q: If you were living in Burma, would it be easy for you to have a place in Hollywood?

A: It is quite impossible. I am very fortunate because I had a chance to study in America since I was young. I also studied very hard at school. The school system here in the US can give you a lot of valuable things. Unfortunately, in Burma, students don't have such opportunities.

Q: How would you work together with Burmese directors in order to direct and act in a Burmese movie by yourself?

A: There is no one in the Burmese community living in the US who is willing to provide financial support for artistic works, but the Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities in the US help each other. I worked very hard, have had a certain success, and am proud of being a Burmese. I can show the Asian communities what a Burmese can do. I want to help other Burmese get involved in the entertainment business.

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Joan Wrote:
Congratulation Zaw,
I prefer Zaw as you might used to hear addressing Adrian to you.. and am proud of you. You can do it man.

Kyi May Kaung Wrote:
Hi Adrian,

I am happy to hear about your success.

I have written 2 play/screen plays, which were Pew finalist scripts and one was praised by Edward Albee. He has not seen the other one.

We would have to look for funders but I would love to work with you.

One character is male, about age 30 and the other is female, same age. I write mostly in English, but speak/write fluent Burmese.

Everything would need to be filmed in Thailand.

Please contact me via my blog site http://kyimaykaung.blogspot.com

labeling your comment "from Adrian Zaw" in the topic line so it does not get mixed with spam.

Kyi May Kaung

Moe Aung Wrote:
Well done, Adrian! Boy am I glad to see this. Can't tell you how long I've been scanning the credits with the hope to see a Burmese name in any film besides the ones made about Burma.

mya mya maw Wrote:
I'm proud for you and respect you.
You love Burma and Burmese.It is great.
Try your best.

Sing Wrote:
Congratulation!Great to read your interview.Try hard my dear.Try to be like ChowYwenFatt(maybe wrongly spelled!)

Yebala Naingsoe Wrote:
hey adrian i'm just another boy who is burmese and lives in ney york city and i would like to say that you have inspired me alot also you are doing a very good job

Keith Dahlberg Wrote:
Hi Adrian,
Congratulations on your work. You mention your father was a doctor in Mogok. Is he still alive? I worked as a doctor in Kengtung, 1957-62 and would be interested in corresponding with him. You might be interested in my two action novels, "Flame Tree" and "The Samana Incident" (see amazon.com).
Good luck in your future work.
Keith Dahlberg MD

Nu Nu Win Wrote:
Very encouraging. I really hope he can help our Burmese community.

Richard Wrote:
Hi Adrian,
Congratulations! Enjoy your career and work for your own betterment.
Do not be worried you are not fluent in Burmese language. All my adult children are unable to speak read or write Burmese as they were born in Australia.

kminmint Wrote:
Don't you want to try to improve in burma films.

Shwe Yoe Wrote:
One of a million actors.

Gerald Wrote:
There is also a film about Burmese refugees. Pls see the following link.
It was shot by an Austrian. Sorry, in German.


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