Than Shwe to Head Extra-Constitutional 'State Supreme Council'
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Friday, May 24, 2019

Than Shwe to Head Extra-Constitutional 'State Supreme Council'

By THE IRRAWADDY Thursday, February 10, 2011


RANGOON—Although the Burmese military regime said that it will hand over state power to president-elect Thein Sein and the new government on March 15, junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe has now revealed that he will personally lead a newly created council called the “State Supreme Council,” which as its name implies will be the most powerful body in the country, according to sources in Naypyidaw.

Junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe, center, with Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, left, and a group of other regime generals.
Two bodies have now emerged in the new government's administrative structure that observers say will have powers that reach—either directly or indirectly—above and beyond the powers of the new civilian executive and legislative branches. The first is the eight-member State Supreme Council, which is nowhere mentioned in the 2008 Constitution and will be led by Than Shwe. The second is the eleven-member National Defense and Security Council (NDSC), which is called for in the 2008 Constitution and will be led by Thein Sein.

“The State Supreme Council will become the highest body of the state. While it will assume an advisory role to guide the future governments, the body will be very influential,” said a source close to the military.

The members of the State Supreme Council will be: Snr-Gen Than Shwe, Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, Pyithu Hluttaw [Lower House] Speaker Thura Shwe Mann, President-elect Thein Sein, Vice President-elect Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo, former Lt. Gen Tin Aye and other two senior military generals.

As required by the 2008 Constitution, the NDSC will be comprised of the president, two vice presidents, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, vice commander-in-chief, and the ministers of defense, home, foreign affairs and border affairs.

Meanwhile, according to sources in Naypyidaw, Burma's ruling State Peace and Development Council will hand over power to the new government on March 15. The sources said that army commanders, heads of the military's Bureaus of Special Operations and retired generals are currently meeting to discuss the transfer of power to the new civilian regime in Naypyidaw, which will consist mostly of former generals.

According to sources close to the military in Naypyidaw, there is discontent among the military because the latest appointments of certain high-ranking military officials to major positions in the new government structure was apparently based on loyalty to Than Shwe rather than military hierarchy.

In particluar, Lt-Gen Thura Myint Aung was not chosen by Than Shwe as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and after complaining of being assigned the position of defense minister he was removed and placed under house arrest.

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Myanmar Patriots Wrote:
Emergence of Privy Council is reconnecting with history, reclaiming Burma's history and heritage.

Oo Maung gyi Wrote:
Burma becomes neo-kingdom by providing suprme power to Than Shwe again by creating the State Supreme Council( SSC ) as similar to Iran where all clerg personals are in power. Another body called National Defense
and Security Council (NDSC)lead by president Thein Sein whci indicate exactly like Iran cop to copy.
Any way these all system are man made system can not last long, just what happen in Egypt is an example for peoples of Burma. Burmese peoples need to sacrifice life for the sake of the country to get democracy and freedom like Egypt,Philipines, Indonesia and Thailand,without another bloodshed in combination with ethnic freedom fighter,the country can get full freedom, because the burmanization policy has been adopted within the high powere circle of militry regime. That is why,ethinic armns struggle has to increase more and more,at the same time internal mass movement to be created higher than before,should form a Burma freedom fighter units through out the country.

Eric Johnston Wrote:
"There is no legitimacy other than that of the people."
[Egyptian Army officer]

Eric Johnston Wrote:
Burma's ruler and side-kicks will not give up power. They must be made to give up power. This requires that, at the very least, the armed forces stand aside.

What has been done to work towards this situation over the past years ? If little or nothing, it is time a serious start was made.

Jonathan Wrote:
So then, Than Shwe's new title is now "Ah Yar Daw Lar" as the election drama unfolded.

luusoelay Wrote:
I think Than Shwe always holds the title of Bureaucratic Internal Tactic Chairman Head.

seawolf Wrote:
Egyptian lesson for Burma. Protest the leadership, not the ruling body. Change will come with change in leadership.

Myint Myat Twe Wrote:
We need to take long time to uproot all the power crazy stupid guys.

Denys Goldthorpe Wrote:
Thitsaphout Than Shwe was never going to hand over power, he now leads the most powerful body in Burma the “State Supreme Council, the murders rapes and tortures will continue unabated, and with Ban Ki Moons support I’m sure Thitsaphout Than Shwe will excel in the his chosen profession at a level as never before. If the chosen idiots in his so called civilian government do something he doesn’t like then he will simply over rule them, and send them to prison or place them under house arrest like he has done with Thura Myint Aung.

Insider 007 Wrote:
From the very beginning itself, it shows that Than Shwe still wants to cling to Power. Even though the USDA has won, it proves that the SPDC is following the same foot step that it took when the NLD won the election in 1990.Now we will see two dogs fight biting one another. The people of Burma got to be ready for dooms day.It is time that the People of Burma rise and revolt against the Dictator regime. More People will have to sacrifice their lives. People of Burma rise like how the Egyptians are doing. The Democracy will not be won unless you all fight for the country not against imperialism but against your own kinsmen, the Military Regime led by the Notorious crook Than Shwe and his cronies. Prepare for Dooms Day is all what I can Say. There is sure to be a split in the Army itself, There is surely going to be a civil war and Burma will be divided. Thein Sein vs Than Shwe and Thein Sein's wife vs Daw Kyaing Kyaing the most notorious theif and vulture. She is never satisfied, greedy.

kerry Wrote:
These dead-looking men (and families and cronies, all equally corrupt or dead-looking) have zero credibility anywhere in the modern world. Even China is embarrassed by them.

Time to give it up guys. New hats do not give new heads (much less hearts).

Tom Tun Wrote:
I think Burma will be more isolate than now in the decades to come. The reason is Burma= Iran and Than Shwe= Ayatollah. Supreme leader means holding the power and playing from behind. Religious extremist and power maniac taking the countries to the same direction. Burma future is darker than I thought. Burma youth should worried for their future and mature Burmese people should worried for the future of next generation. For this article, I like to share a book "Common Sense, Rights of Man, and other Essential Writings" of Thomas Paine. The book describe logically how the society begin and why men come to live together as society and the nature of power and it's corruption. From the article above, not only Burmese people, the whole world society should worry the situation in Burma.

luusoelay Wrote:
So Burma will be a next Iran? They all should go to Mecca and pray for Allah.

kachin lay Wrote:
Now see, Iran-style regime is eventually popping up. That why we Kachin said 2008 constitution is a trap.

Sai Lin Wrote:
Than Shwe will be Grand Ayatollah Khomeini of Burma if it is true. Leader of State Supreme Council will stay in power for life. Than Shwe was stealing evil idea from Iranian’s Guardian Council and model of former Suharto Government of Indonesia. Suharto was ruled Indonesia for 32 years until retired from office in 1998. Grand Ayatollah Khomeini was ruled Iran until he died but his cronies Muslim Clergymen are still controlling government in Iran. The peoples of both countries were living in hell under oppressive regime. Burmese peoples are living under military regime for 48 years now.

Do we still prepare to accept Than Shwe leads new regime for life?

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